Saturday, June 23, 2007


Lately, I’ve been very interested in Freegan culture. Freegans are people who live on the refuse of others. They prove that Western culture is so wasteful that it is possible to subsist on (mostly) corporate garbage. They dumpster-dive for food/living materials and their motives are socially/politically based. I read an awesome New York Times article on NYC Freegans, which I urge you to look at. Besides reading that article, I took out a book from the library by Judith Levine called "Not Buying It - My year without shopping". I'm definitely not a Freegan, but their cause does possess a romantic sort of appeal and I think the world could learn a lot by listening to such radicals.

Other Freegan-related websites are:

Now I'm going to go and work on the fifties-style checkerboard circle skirt I am currently sewing. Take that, Agyness Deyn!


Carissa said...

I'm cheap, I should so be a freegan.

Hypnotic Romance said...

A Horrors T-shirt, a style must have!
And a great band,fyi.