Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swap Meet

I organized a Swap Meet between my friends, and am very pleased with the results. You see, I really want to go shopping but cannot because of extreme brokeness. So the swap meet was a perfect solution. Bring something you don't want and exchange it for something you do want. It's almost like shopping for free! Sitting in a room surrounded by your friends and piles of clothes seems like a girly sleepover fantasy, but nay. It's actually called a swap meet.
Here's a list of all the loot I brought home;

1. Leopard tank with cute wooden buttons on the front.
2. Vintage screen tee.

3. Gray floral tank.
4. Black and white striped tank.
5. Blue babydoll tank
(The following is not shown)
6.White lace flimsy hippie top.
7. Flimsy cream button down top.
8. Long-sleeve floral thermal.
9. Beige crochet shrug.
10. Black American Apparel top.
11. Cream grandpa cardigan with orange buttons.
13. Le Tigre polo top. To be honest, I don't like polos at all. But I really like the band 'Le Tigre', so wearing it like it's a band shirt will be my own private joke.

Last but not least, accessories.
13. Disco vintage clutch.
14. Unfunctioning watch.
15. Seed pearl necklace.
16. Houndstooth bow headband.
17.Checked belt.

Wow, I feel super-greedy. But super lucky to have such fashionable friends at the same time!


Anna said...

Oh wow, that's one brilliant idea! The way I come about new clothes for free is the clothes that my parent's friend's children grow out of. I've had some surprisingly great finds.

buttonsandstars said...

I believe I may have to do the same with some of my friends actually! Thing is though, not many of them are the same size as me! They're all smaller or larger. None the same!

AVA said...

what a great idea! must propose that tonight ;) I'm scared though, that once one regrets the swap.. and the other refuses to swap back.. it might not be that pleasant after all? But my friends probably are too cool to let that happen. cool blog ;) ava

Meg said...

My friends and I are different shaped so this could never happen, but it seems like a lot of fun. I love Le Tigre. Deceptagon is my feel-good song.

Tru said...

cool idea, too bad I just cleaned out my closet and donated all the clothes to charity otherwise I would organize this for my friends