Monday, June 11, 2007

Throat Infection Blues

I have dozens of lovely pictures sitting idle in the 'Inspirations' folder of my computer. Instead of hiding them in the depths of my pc, I think they deserve to see the beautiful light of day.

I love Agyness Deyn and I love the Misshapes. There is not much closer to 'perfect' than Agyness Deyn at Misshapes.

I definitely stole this picture from a girl on Myspace, whose profile I lurk at. Is it just me, or is she hauntingly beautiful.

This is the same girl as above, but wearing a wig. I really like this photocollage and am considering adopting the same hairdo. Not for a while, though.

This is some other Myspace girl. Very Cobra Snake, Aussie-style.

Misshapes again. She makes a bob, a plastic whistle and a turquoise tutu into the maxim of style.


Tru said...

that girls is hauntingly beuatifuly and that tutu skirt is awesome!!! I want one!

molly said...

you have good taste in..uh, girls!

connie said...

I don't know. She kind of scares the bejeezus out of me. And my bejeezus, is very very large and difficult to remove, so it's quite impressive.

Sarah. said...

The Myspace girl that you've also had in a previous blog is called "Creepy Chan". She posts creepy pictures of herself on And yes, she's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

btw...that girl with the haunting look is from america's next top model