Friday, June 08, 2007


A terrible epidemic has been going on for much too long in the wardrobes of men. It is... the type t-shirt. Why wear a slogan that only proves you're more of an asshole than I already thought you are. I don't care if 'Beer is the only reason why you get up afternoon', if you think 'Homosexuals are gay' or if you can 'Drink Me Pretty'.

Call me a Republican, but I vote NO on 69 shirts.

If you advertise the fact that you never do laundry, you are guaranteed to never get a girlfriend who lasts longer than one night, guaranteed.

Now. Reedeem yourself with a nice graphic t-shirt. It may not always make sense, but it at least it hides an incoherent intelligence level.

Healthy eating is sexy - know your food groups!

I don't know what the hell this shirt is trying to tell me, but it sure looks good in the process.

Okay, perhaps there is an exception to the type t-shirt rule. As a Hebrew school dropout, I would know that staying in Hebrew school is a good idea. The Jewish-man graphic is also adorable!

All t-shirts courtesy of the Urban Outfitters men's t-shirt department.


Jean said...

I feel like some guys just buy t shirts not look hot but just because the shirts are funny. Im not saying its the best way to attract hot girls, im just saying if you think shirts about 69 are funny, then to each his own. One guy I saw on this blog did have some hot street style and he was wearing plain but sophisticated clothes. definitely no 69 shirt

brookiebee843 said...

sure! im a regular at your blog too

Joyce said...

I only link streetstyle website at the moment, but when I start adding blogs and other fashionsites too, I'll add you!:)

Nice blog by the way:d..

Hannah Danger said...

I love it! You're right about men's shirts, they're just getting more and more stupid.

I'm pretty sure Isabel can rhyme with something...
but DYI is fun.
PS. huge fan of the blog.