Saturday, June 09, 2007


I, Isabel B. S., hereby refuse to sartorially support twisted corporate motives. I will buy fabric and make my own clothes, so I know for sure they were not manufactured in sweatshops. If there is something I cannot make myself, I will make sure it has been ethically manufactured in sustainable fabric OR bought secondhand to prevent clothing from being needlessly sent to a dump. I am doing what I can to create a better world through the medium most important to me:fashion. Uninformed clothes shopping is not my style.
EDIT: I want everybody to know that this isn't ALL I'm doing either, just in case you thought I was lazy and the only way I could change the way was through what I wore. My family already owns a low flush toilet, and energy efficient refrigerator and is saving up to buy a hybrid car. I take the bus to school, only drive when it is necessary and always buy locally grown produce. I volunteer for the Green Party and I'm taking Environmental Studies in University. So in short, making my wardrobe more earth-friendly is pretty much the last step I can take before carbon-footprint virtually disappears off the face of the earth.

Feel free to copy and paste this fashion manifesto on your blog and take the vow. I doubt anyone will, but at least I'm not all talk and no action.

During the summer, I am planning on making myself:
-A skirt/dress/garment of sorts out of fabric scraps from around the house.
-Legions of colourful or printed skinny pants
-Attatching a pair of sunglasses to a chain to make a radical necklace.
-My own "House of Holland" shirtdress (see Hannah Danger for inspiration)


buttonsandstars said...

That really is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I make a lot of my own clothes, but unfortunately, I know that some of the clothes I buy are made in circumstances that I dread to think of. I really wish that I could take this vow, but I don't know if i can. I'm just too selfish.

Alexandra said...

How I wish I could make at least some of my own clothes. Unfortunately, I'm hopelessly un-gifted and clumsy, and impatient...

Sonja said...

This is a great idea, and kudos for your efforts. Just be aware that low-flush toilets, 'energy-efficient' appliances, and hybrid cars aren't the last word in being green. The motto 'reduce, reuse, recycle' is stated in that order for a reason: the most important step is to reduce your consumption of resources. I'm not calling you out, because I honestly don't know your lifestyle, but I think it's important to be aware that just recycling and buying things which seem green aren't enough. Keep in mind that your carbon footprint may be small but it is in no way nonexistant. However, you really seem to be headed in that direction. Yay for you!