Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another American Apparel Wishlist

This grandpa vest manages to be cozy and sleek at the same time. Perhaps I only think it's sleek because of AA's usual semi-pornographic photography, but I'm there's more to it than that. I want it. I always feel like a million bucks wearing American Apparel, and would perhaps be worth just as much wearing this lovely vest.

From '80s prom dresses to this t-shirt, I have always had a love affair with sweetheart necklines. I've never seen anything like this t-shirt before and it looks like a much more comfortable option than wearing a black tube top over a normal white shirt. That doesn't exactly sound classy or comfortable. This shirt is.

I only have one pair of black pants and wouldn't mind owning another. These cords seem like an appropriate option, until I consider the fact that: A) They're $85. and B)I don't fit into AA pants. They're too baggy and long. Which doesn't make sense, because they're cut slim. I suppose I just have a defective body.

Gahh, all of these pieces are so wonderful. Like a chicken with it's head cut off, I'm a maniac for them all.

Gosh golly darn, he's done it again. My favourite Etsy seller, Cubist Literature, has DIYed a tennis skirt to perfection. I swear this man is genius. Proclaim it to the streets! Honestly, who else could've dreamed up kitschy neckwarmers and called them 'girl germ protectors'. I love it.


Bella said...

I <3 the grandpa cute...i have one from the menswear section of Gap and i swear i am ADDICTED to it...:)

Luna Miguel said...

Nice skirt, i love hearts

joanna said...

that skirt is adorable! i nurse a passion for anything kitschy....B )

Hannah Danger said...

Seeing as I just took up tennis, I want that skirt!

Tru said...

that last skirt is wonderful

Netchem said...

i WAAAAANT that vest sweater!!!!!!!!!!!