Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog of the Day

Yessssss! I'm the best blog of the day!
Blog Awards Winner
Now in celebration, I will post a picture of the best shoes ever. Of course, they are Christian Louboutin. That man taunts me with his perfect understanding of female shoe lust.

...and a picture of Cory Kennedy 'cause I'm a bitch like that. It's actually quite a nice picture. She doesn't look cracked out and messy - she's draped in tulle and pearls for God's sakes! Actually, it kind of reeks of Karl Lagerfeld, but I like the picture anyways.


Bella said...

Congrats :)))....that shoe is honestly the most wonderful thing i have ever seen....

Tru said...


Ryan said...

I'm so proud of you! Those shoes are cute too.

Shelby said...

CONGRATS, MY FRIEND. But please tel me you are not jumping on the Cory Kennedy bandwagon. For some reason, she makes me itch with irritation. :D