Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dang Rip-offs

I can't believe that I just went to Value Village and paid $14 for 2 things. 2 things! However, they were 2 nice things so shouldn't really be complaining.
1. Green low-top Converse. A welcome addition to the happy family of Chuck Taylors living in my closet. Baby makes 6.

2. Gold Alfred Sung fanny-pack. I kind of forget why I bought this. I suppose because I like it, but it's definitely not worth $7 to me.

3. I didn't get the Prada pouch at Value Village, I got it at a local secondhand designer shop. It was only $5, so it might be a fake but I'll just plug my ears with my fingers and scream "LALALALALA" until someone tells me it's real, tells me it's fake or tells me to stop.

Another thing that has recently caught my eye was a dress made entirely of old t-shirts. One of the t-shirts had a wolf on it, which I thought was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's $60 so I'll have to weigh option until I decide whether to buy it or not. It's locally made and one-of-a-kind but $60 is too steep for me right now. Le sigh.


Tru said...

I think $60 is too much make it yourself. as for the "prada" I think it is wonderful as are the converse. I cannot get enough of them

Emma said...

That dress sounds amazing! But rather expensive. I love the maybe-Frauda and the shoes.

sara said...

I like thoes shoes, and you're right $60 is a lot.

x sara o

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So@24 said...

You can never have enough Chuck Taylors. They are the Air Jordan's of today.

Viva Las Divas said...

you're so thrifty!

donna AND navaz said...

OOh I *heart* bumbags (as we call them in the UK!). They're practical, they're 80s and they make you look like a tourist - what's not to like?!

Thembi said...

NICE JOB - thats what I think about the Canucks, good second hand shoppin'. That $60 dress should be put on ice though - show me a picture of it and I can make it for you!