Sunday, July 15, 2007

Foiled Again...

I can't stand it when a perfectly good thing is ruined. Take this shirt for example. Diagonal stripes, very interesting. Unfortunately it is being worn by a terrible looking wannabe neo-hipster. There shouldn't even be such thing as a neo-hipster but here is living proof. Squeaky clean white shoes and gold chains to prove it. I think he wants to be a hipster but is just too much of a geek, in the un-hip way. He butchered that innocent shirt. Good job, Sweeney Todd... (Grrr.)

In a similar note on offensive t-shirts... Does this bother anyone else? He looks like a total slimeball to begin with, and then there's that shirt, which completely proves my hypothesis correct. I can’t discern whether it’s the obscured Virgin Record logo, the fact it says ‘Vagina’ or a combination of the two that gets to me. Or perhaps it’s the man wearing the t-shirt that makes it so repulsive? After all, he is implying that vaginas are corporate object. Either way, I wouldn’t let anyone wearing this shirt NEAR my vagina.


Shelby said...

Ew. I despise "clever" tee shirts. And that's not even remotely clever, that's just offensive. If I had a nightclub, I wouldn't let riffraff like that in. HA.

l1zzy said...

the vagina shirt was disgusting. I feel more bad for the girl being associated with him though!

buttonsandstars said...

I just find it really disgusting tbh. It makes women feel like nothing more than an object.
Not cool.

Henna said...

Definitly definitly says vagina in the virgin style... What I want to know is what this person was THINKING when he bought the shirt.

This shirt will attract the ladies?

This shirt shows what I'm thinking?

I know this word?