Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Mall Saga

I desperately needed black pants for work so out of desperate desperation, I went to the mall. I popped into Winners first. This pair of blingin' Vans (or "Punkyrose" if you actually read the label) had been there forever. I nearly passed them by, but I noticed they were on uber-sale for $13 so I picked them up.

You see, I've kind of admired Vans ever since I saw this random Myspace pic. I figured it's best to work a cheap pair into my style before I splurge $50 on a pair.

I found a pair of black skinny pants at Le Chateau that was originally $90, reduced to $30. That alone made me happy, but I tried them on and they actually fit. And, they came with a pair of skinny suspenders! (Detour to the Body Shop: bought a concealer pencil). Old Navy was next. I found another pair of black skinny pants that fit perfectly, so I bought those and ended up taking a nice brown sweater too. Here is a picture, though it is fairly indistinguishable because it's brown colour mixes so well with the navy of my Armani shirt.

I went to Chapters to read for a bit and discovered i-D magazine. Of course everyone in the fashion world knows about i-D, but I had only fleetingly browsed through it before instead of soaking up it's true ambience. I realized it featured everything I adore in it's Jeremy Scott/Devon Aoki issue.
1. Crazy fashion pics from Coachella Festival
2. Hollie Cook, the daughter of the Sex Pistols' Paul Cook
4. Creep Marilyn Manson talking about his creepy relationship with Evan Rachel Wood
5. 'Zines
6. Gareth Pugh

Yep, that's all.


Shelby said...

Vans= shoe of CA. Therfore, I have like....four? pairs of them, haha. I have green plaid ones. woo. Marylin M + Evan = ugh. She's obviously acting out some post adolescent fantas of "hah MOM I"M REBELLING BY DATING THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS! HAHAHA! OH WAIT THATS OZZY OSBOURNE. I MEANT MARLLYN MANSON. YEAH, THE ONE WITH THE JANKY EYE."

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Tru said...

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l1zzy said...

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thank you! :]

young.urban said...

wow, I need to check out that issue of i-D. It sounds amazinggg.

Stylefinder (Editor) said...

I had a pair of Punkyrose sneaks, with pinstripes and a skull print. They were cute but pretty poor quality, they fell apart and got holes in the bottoms within a month.

But I wore them every day and bought them for supercheap, so I suupose they were worth it!

donna AND navaz said...

Love your choices :)