Saturday, July 21, 2007

MyStyleDiary: Caitlinnn

I have chosen Caitlinnn as today's honourable MyStyleDiary spotlight. Her style is so much fun. I just want to go into a techno-dance frenzy after looking at her clothes!

This outfit is cool, because it mixes '80s nostalgia with modern sensibility. My distinct favourite article of clothing from the outfit is the green skirt. It makes the outfit "pop" (a term so endeared by many makeup artists) and makes me fonder of neon by the minute. I'm not sure if the asymmetrical skirt/shirt combo is intentional, but it sure looks cool.

This is grunge Alice-in-Wonderland incarnate. It's like she fell into the rabbit hole after a Bikini Kill concert, which sounds like a riot in my opinion. This look is my definite favourite, as I can very much see myself wearing it.

The pockets on the tunic are fantastic! The jean shorts (at first I thought they were leggings) and purse are both a bit off, but the tunic and crazy necklaces are just a lot of fun. I just really want to party with this girl. Or at least someone else wearing her clothes.

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Tru said...

I like the last outfit best thought those shoes are bothering me