Monday, July 09, 2007

Thrift Mania!!!

I've been broke for a long time and was so happy I've accumulated enough to indulge in my favourite pastime: thrift hunting.

1. Mock-croc handbag. It looks a bit like a briefcase/laptop case hybrid...But that just means it looks even classier, right?
2. David Bowie tape, which keeps me from going insane at work.
3. Gap jeans. They fit nicely, despite the lame flare leg (which can always be fixed).
4.Green-blue cords. It is so much more gratifying to find cheap boyfriend-style cords instead of dropping $85 on a skinny pair from American Apparel.

6.Armani Jeans shirt. Not the prettiest shirt I've ever found, but it's Armani. There's no way I'm complaining.
7. 'Make Your Mark' shirt. It's much less obnoxious than a House of Holland shirt and a million times more meaningful. I can look awesome and poignant at the same time!
8. Plain white tee. I really hate that band, but the shirt is great.

The crown jewel of the entire thrift hunt was...

9. Wizard of Oz t-shirt. I've been looking for a shirt in this shade of purple forever, and it doesn't hurt that the Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite movies all time. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't capture to vibrant colour of the text very well. Hipster-iffic!


Bella said...

Lucky lucky girl...thrifty can be SO satisfying ;)

L. said...

The Wizard of Oz shirt is great! I forgot how awesome commemorative musical shirts can be. Something else to look out for when thrifting.

Tru said...

great finds