Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Claudia Wore/showyourbones

Susie Bubble in action. Now just imagine it's neon.
Thank you Dilemma, for introducing me to my new bloglove. What Claudia Wore chronicles the daring outfits of Claudia Kishi of, yes, the Baby-Sitters Club. I completely forgot about that series and how outrageously stylish Claudia was. Come to think of it, Claudia is definitely the 1980s precursor to all notable crazy Asian style. The street style magazine FRUITS, Harajuku Girls, even Susie Bubble… Yes my friends, it all started with the weird and wonderful escapades of Claudia Kishi. Thanks a billion to Kim for transcribing it all. Here is an excerpt.

"Claudia...just has the world's oddest way of looking at life. To her, the most ordinary thing is an object of art. For instance, at that Labor Day meeting she was wearing a bracelet of dyed, braided shoelaces, along with a blousy ruffled shirt that looked as if it once belonged to Captain Hook; mismatched high-top Converse sneakers; and baggy, pinstriped men's suit pants, gathered at the waist with a bungee cord. On me, something like that would look like a Halloween costume. On Claudia it looked way cool."

But Claudia Kishi isn't the only stylish gal I felt like talking about today. showyourbones has a nice, if a little brief, MyStyleDiary which I feel like discussing. I adore the colour of the top, and the gold quilted purse is dead on. The pencil skirt pulls the whole outfit together and makes the outrageous classy, along with the dark sunglasses and black tights. I want this outfit!

This outfit isn't quite as much fun, but it looks at home in the teenage lion's den of a bedroom. This kind of proves that so long as your shirt covers your butt, you are skinny and really cool, there are worse thing out there than wearing leggings as pants. Honest..


Maddy said...

Claudia was always my favorite of the BSC. if she had been my babysitter instead of an array of wildly boring local college students, I would be so much cooler (and more stylish) than I am now.

missc said...

I love. That's all I have to say.

So@24 said...

HAHAH! I can't believe you blogged about the clothing styles of Claudia. That's absolutely hilarious.

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