Friday, August 03, 2007

Flora and Fauna

I'm not really a fan of floral prints. Too many loud colours in one garment just really turns me off, whether it's "vintage" or not. (Okay, I love Pucci. But don't tell.) In fact you'd be hard pressed to find any colour in my wardrobe that is 90% consumed with shades of grey and black. But this Face Hunter picture below made me realize that flowery patterns are not always obnoxious. They can be quite nice, in fact. All you have to do is toughen them up with a little bit of black - not hard for me at all! I have a floral thermal shirt already, but the pattern is small the flowers look more like little dots. If I find a nice floral dress at a thrift shop any time soon, I'm definitely snatching it up.

P.S.-Is this girl wearing latex rubber tights/leggings? I really hope she is, because that would just be kinky badass.


buttonsandstars said...

I believe she is!

Gloria said...

i love the look of those leggings