Saturday, August 18, 2007

High-Waisted Wonder

I am officially the last blogger to weigh in on what I think of high waisted pants.

So after this long wait, what do I think? Hot damn, I want a pair! I love the look of high-waisted skinnies. It's so professional and chic. When I buy a pair, I'm going to start smoking Gitanes just to look uber-sophiticated. (Joking)However, I really dislike high-waisted wide leg trousers. They are way to 'Wall Street' for my liking.

But I can deal with high-waisted mom jeans. In fact, I'm going to add "high waisted mom jeans" to my thrift list since I don't really buy new clothes. There's always plenty of high waisted Levis to be had a thrift stores, but only in larger sizes. That means I'll really have to keep my eyes open or else just succumb to buying new high waisteds. Who knows. I'm just counting the days 'til my paycheque comes in.


Katie said...

I, too, love the high-waisted wonders but fear that my curves will keep them from looking fierce as Tyra would but it...

love the blog!

KIKI said...

Thankyou for showing me some high-waisted jeans which aren't flared like a high seventies hippy :) I love skinny jeans, and now I don't have to say I love all things high-waisted, bar jeans! Anyway
I love your blog and it would be great if you could visit mine..

donna AND navaz said...

I don't mind the last pic. I think straight leg high waisters are ok. I mean, not comedy-high, but just higher-than-hipsters.