Saturday, August 25, 2007

I really am crazy.

This picture points to one thing and one thing only. I went thrift shopping today! I found the grey t-shirt in the little boys section and it says "Tin Tin a Hanoi" which is awesome, because I watched Tin Tin all the time as a kid. The skirt is old but the purple spandex is a recent wardrobe development. I am not wearing purple spandex tights, I am actually wearing a purple spandex BODYSUIT! It is the best thing I have ever paid $4 for. I want to lounge in it for the rest of my life, it makes me feel ridiculously happy. Or maybe just ridiculous.

I also bought burgundy corduroy pants and a lavender cardigan which are equally nice, but not enough to elicit a photo. I mean "cords" and "cardigan" is pretty self-explanatory. A purple spandex bodysuit needs to be seen to be believed.

Now excuse me while I hail the death of New-Rave and listen to M.I.A.'s new cd.

P.S.: Has anyone ever read the North American Field Guide to Hipsters? It is the funniest thing ever. There is also a Volume II, which can be read here.


L. said...


Sorry about the screaming. That is one amazing body suit, great colour too.

lalaliu said...

jealously fills my veins as I lust over your delicious purple bodysuit.

Dilemma said...

Lyk omg how do u go 2 the bathroom in it?????

^I was expecting more comments like that. My hopes are dashed!

Hmm, this post makes me wonder how I would look in a bodysuit...