Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mission Impossible: Gold Skirt

As promised, here are some pictures of me rocking my new gold American Apparel skirt in a semi-normal fashion. It's pretty comfortable so far no matter how tight it is. But then again, I haven't worn it anywhere for a very long time so I'm not sure if the sweat factor will be an issue.

My Wizard of Oz t-shirt is awesome.

I think the yellow in David Bowie's jaundiced face brings out the gold of the skirt. Poor David Bowie, I love him. I hope his jaudice clears up soon.

Whenever I post pictures of my clothes, they're never very tight and I always end up looking like I have skinny legs and a completely shapeless torso. But this shirt is pretty tight, and therefore I have photographic proof that I am not a total fatty.

I'm sorry that I'm too lazy to dream up outfits more creative than a cool t-shirt and the skirt. The outfits really should be accessorized somehow. All apologies.

But in the meantime, check out this interesting article called 'Can American Apparel replace the Gap?'


AVLstyle said...

i like the skirt in theory but i gotta say, it makes you and the model both look like your legs are really pale. i'd probably wear it with black tights. i'm sure it's too hot for it now, though. that's just my two cents! i think it could really work, just not sure about the color

Tru said...

not too sure about the first too outfits but the last one is lovely

Eli said...

try layering something under it. maybe for when it gets colder. dark tights with some socks over them.

Joyce said...

try the skirt highwaisted, that would be pretty cool, but I dont know if you can wear it higher than this?

chew a horn! said...

In regards to....'Can American Apparel replace the Gap?'

Yea, I wouldn't mind wearing a gold unitard to my next job interview, or I could use some green retro running shorts for Casual Fridays. Awesome!


dianabobar said...

love the look! i tried the golden leggings:)