Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MyStyleDiary Super Special!

Today I have decided to be a prolific blogger and highlight two style mavens from MyStyleDiary.
#1. The first three pictures are from 'Muze', who is so cool she has to wear shades (or however that dumb saying goes).

Honestly, where does one procure a Pebbles Flinstone t-shirt? That show brightened my childhood and this outfit is brightening my (burgeoning) adulthood.

This outfit couldn't be more different than the Pebbles tee/shorts combination. It is professional and classy but quirky as well. The stripes look adorable with the puff sleeves, and did I even have to mention the fantabulous-ness of the skirt?

This outfit is my favourite, because I love the tan cardigan and I love wearing my cardigans exactly like this. When wearing white pants, you always run the risk of looking like J. Lo circa Puff Daddy. Thankfully, Muze rises above this limiting stereotype.

#2. PetiteFille is another stylish lady.

This outfit looks really tourist-y, note the camera. But I really enjoy how accessorizing with a purse, sunglasses, a camera AND a scarf still manages to look awesome. At least to me.

Ooooh, I love it! The boots, the tights, the tunic - I love it all! Owl necklaces have had their heyday but it still looks wonderful to me. Wow, I just really like black. It must be the 9th grade mall-goth in me.

That's all, folks. Hope you liked it! I also hope all these MyStyleDiary people don't sue me for stealing their pictures.


Farren said...

that last oufit is amazing. :)

Tru said...

the first and last outfit are amazing. lol. I wish I could rain these girls closets

Joyce said...

hmmm the girls look nice, but not like super cool or something, its not rulebreaking at all, not special.. oh well, im to picky i guess.