Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work it, Sue Catwoman.

I adore looking at old 1970s punk photography, mainly to see what the people were wearing.

Do you see what I see in those pictures? The second photograph of Siouxsie Sioux and Jordan is my favourite punk photograph of all time. The girls look really edgy even though they're not wearing anything more special than an oversize mens jacket or a striped top. Girls that wear baggy jackets and striped tops nowadays don't look nearly that cool. So how do they do it?

My guess is body modification. A girl with a mohawk and a safety pin through her cheek will always get more stares than one without. Another educated guess would be the commodification of underground culture. No one is original anymore. Punks are no longer shocking when you can buy bondage pants at Hot Topic. Hipsters crawl out of every city nook and cranny, providing there is an Urban Outfitters in a 3-block radius of their location. It really depresses me. I miss fashion with an edge, now that everything is routinely co-opted into a trend. Though I don't plan on getting a Sue Catwoman haircut (seen below) any time soon, I just wish I looked as uncontrived and different as she does.

A simple solution? Just be yourself. Don't only shop at the mall. Don't exclusively shop at thrift stores either, for that matter. Bring back the freaks! Modify clothing. Modify yourself. Whatever works. After all, everyone seems to think that they are unique.


stupidcupcake said...

Oh Siouxsie is/was just the best. I love everything about her, especially her funny dance moves in "Hong Kong Garden"..

(And if/when you get the haircut, please please post a picture...)

donna AND navaz said...

Wise words! But don't worry, the hipsters will soon pass, bland will take over and there will be a style revolution. Or something...

mary said...

it seems like recently in the blogosphere there's been a spate of postings about individuality! i love it, very inspiring.

lalaliu said...

here here! Nicely said :)

fashionistakay said...

crazy post!i mean this in the best possible way of course!
p.s.check out my blog sometime!

short said...

funnily enough i was just writing about Jordan and catwoman Sue - when i saw in the paper (a few years ago now) that Jonathon Ross was interviewing Jordan I was intrigued. it turned out he was interviewing the other Jordan, now married to Peter Andre. I can't help thinking my interviewee choice would have been more interesting

JagGud said...

Yes thats right!
I hate that all the punks look the same today.
Leather jackets, mohawks and bondage jeans from some shop.
Nobody is offended by a mohawk anymore.

Be an individual!
Bring Back the Freaks!

Anarchild said...

We aren't freaks we are punks.What is it that always makes us look edgy? You could buy a gazillion bondage pants at hot topic and start consuming, and stuff your clothes with studs. But the key, is the attitude to society.The DIY, the non-conforming, the spirit is what makes us.