Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ferragamo, I love you.

Alright, my new-old Ferragamo pumps may be stuck in the 80s but I most definitely, am not. All it takes is the right outfit to make them thoroughly and acceptably modern. So, I have created three outfits to showcase how naff shoes can be cool. I swear!

I decided to mix fashion eras for this outfit. The shoes are very 80s, the skirt is either 80s or 90s and the shirt is new but the lace/high collar detail is distinctly Victorian. Or perhaps Edwardian? Actually, I have no idea what era inspired my shirt, but it sure as hell wasn't after 1920. I'm no fashion historian.

The connecting vein in this outfit was colour. The shoes, shorts and logo are all a similar cream colour. It's a Hawksley Workman t-shirt, by the way. He's a fabulous musician, you should check him out.

The gold buttons match the gold detail on the shoes. I wanted to create an outfit that was more classy, less contemporary. I feel much older than 17 when I wear this modest black skirt.

I did a decent job modernizing the shoes, no?


missc said...

The third outfit is very fashion darling. ps. where is the top from? it look anthropologie.

Kate said...

love the last outfit!
ps- where is St. Vincent de Pauls? I live around the GTA too :)

Tru said...

yes I really like one

Maddy said...

Oh, the last outfit is very nice.

donna AND navaz said...

You did fab. You can pull it off cos you're young. I love the shoes - well done you!

WendyB said...

I especially love outfit #1!