Saturday, September 22, 2007

Luella + Enid

Luella's S/S 08 collection was inspired by Enid (Thora Birch) from Ghost World, who is everything I aspire to be in a human being. That makes the collection the sartorial personification of my idol. I'm surprised not more people are raving about Luella, seeing as it the best collection EVER. (In my self-important opinion)
I love the Batgirl shirt and floral skirt. Library geek-chic for life!

The mask was so inspired by the part in the movie when Enid goes to the sex shop with Seymour and buys the Batgirl mask. The grey cardigan and plaid pencil skirt are pure perfection. Alliteration, much?

Okay, this is ALL about Batgirl! The jacket is so much fun, I love it!

Luella S/S 08 is utter proof that Ghost World is the most fashionable movie ever made. I have so much respect for Luella right now it is oozing out of every pore in my body. I am freaking out I love this so much!


stupidcupcake said...

The Batgirl tee is more than Amazing. The intire collection is rather amazing!

SICK. said...

luella was stunning.
it is major.

i saw ghost world for my thirteenth birthday. everyone there thought it was lame, or a waste of time. how is that possible? the forbidden love between seymour and enid, enid and rebecca's inconsistent friendship, thora birch with scarlett johansson and steve buscemi!?
it was amazing.
and you remind me of enid, no joke whatsoever.

also, i think that movie conjured up my urge to buy an electric blue plaid side pleated skirt yesterday.
i swear, nicer than it sounds.


buttonsandstars said...

I was going to tell you to look at this collection, as I knew you'd love the Ghost World connection!! I absolutely adored it. I've never seen a collection that fit so well with my personal style. I've saved literally all of the pictures from it! Haha.

donna AND navaz said...

Usually I like Luella's stuff but this isn't doing it for me. Dunno why - maybe the bat logo is too much. Love Buscemi though, maybe I should see Ghost World???

riot str said...

hey !! After the last post you wrote I was intrigued by the Ghost World inspired Luella. So I googled "ghost world Luella", and this is the 1st answer !!!! I'm going to check the entire collection on now.

PS : have you checked out the pictures my friend and I shot with the bridal gown ?