Saturday, September 15, 2007

MyStyleDiary: Double Trouble

If you haven't guessed that I adore crazy, madcap style yet then the synapses in your brain might not be functioning properly. Babooshka clearly defies any sort of convention that has been placed on "fashion" since the beginning of "fashion" itself, and I totally respect that. Her quote even says "Fashion is overrated. Experimenting is so much more fun".

I love the blue plaid skirt mixed with the earthy green cardigan. My best friend always says "blue and green should never be seen" and I tend to agree, but there's always an exception to the rule and this is definitely it.

I never thought that wearing a ladylike skirt with checkerboard Vans could be paired so effectively. Even the utterly bizarre scarf tied around her waist is cool!

The headscarf and skirt are both wonderfully 'granny-chic', but the hot pink sweater brings the outfit to a whole new dimension. Wham-bam thank-you maam!

Selinaoolala reminds me of a much cooler Lily Allen. In my opinion, Lily Allen's fashion sense is really lame. Her outfits have potential but are completely ruined by those awful Nike hi-tops. Hi-tops are clunky and unfortunate looking. Luckily, Selinaoolala does not pair her cute dresses with hi-tops that only a mother could love.

This is girlish and cute. I like it. I probably wouldn't wear it, but I like it nonetheless.

Holy badass metallic dress, Batman! I love metallics, I love dresses. My brain is making the logical conclusion to adore this dress.

I added a junkload of pictures to my personal MyStyleDiary, but they're mostly pictures I've posted on the blog. So it's only worth checking out it you're not a regular reader.

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Tru said...

that third outfit is brilliant