Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sh-sh-shopping: Part One

I went to good ol' Value Village yesterday and left with some pretty choice stuff.

I got this neat white bodysuit, because I've been griping about a shirt to wear with my high-waisted pants. You see, most of my shirts are too baggy to tuck in so the bodysuit is a geeky, but perfect solution. The scalloped detail on the v-neck makes in interesting.

This shirt may not look special, but it is awesome! The fabric is light, soft and perfectly worn-in. I don't know what the little symbol is, but a little mystery never hurts.

I also went to Payless Shoe Source and bought this pair of patent peep-toes. I "needed" a pair of peep-toes and thought the stubby 80s style heel was cute, so I caved and bought them.

Payless Shoe Source has a lot going on for them these days. Usually I associate Payless with badly made fake Converse All-Stars/Vans slip-ons, but not anymore. There are at least three pairs of boots/shoes I wanted to buy but could only see the peep-toes in store. Honestly, its worth a look!

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Miz Duckie said...

The mystery symbol is the emblem of the Shriners--it's a comical division of the freemasons.