Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sh-sh-shopping: Part Three

I have shopped obscenely this week. Its as if I have a large emotional void that needs to be filled with fabric. (*cough* my best friend is at college in the U.S. It sucks.) As you probably induced, this is another post detailing the fashionable adventures of my debit card. I went to Kingston yesterday, where the Value Villages are large and the American Apparels actually exist. Despite being surrounded by hoardes of nice stuff, I left Value Village empty-handed for the first time ever. I even saw a brown/green plaid skirt, dainty cream-coloured vintage pumps, outrageous silver flats and black bondage-esque pointy flats with zippers all over them. I just didn't feel like spending money on any of them, so I left saddened by my miserly habits.

Then I went to American Apparel, where my miserly tendencies seemed to vanish. I must have been compensating for my lack of thrift finds because I bought this delicious gray cardigan for $42. I already have a gray cardigan... Am I even sane?

I've been lusting after these short-alls since the last time I was at American Apparel, so that justifies my spending $50 on them.

Then I just bought a really baggy black racerback top that I'll wear as a tunic. Or something to that avail.

You probably shouldn't expect a "stuff I bought" post for a while. My materialistic tendencies have (hopefully) been satiated for the next month.


Eli said...

I love tri blend

missc said...

my own debit card went on a little adventure of its own today as well. It went to a H&M for the first time!

Bojana said...

I'm loving long, over-sized cardigans right now