Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix is pretty much the best site on the internet. I like to do MyStyleDiary to highlight the awesome personal style people have, but Wardrobe Remix is far superior. Wardrobe Remix is the younger, diy-punk version of MyStyleDiary where the photography is way more awesome. I feel so inspired right now.

I love the colours and the mask. It's cute AND mysterious.
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This Charlie Chaplin sweater might be the best thing known to man. Screw the car or the telephone, all I need is this sweater.

This is the Happy Hippie, whose blog I often frequent. I should probably get around to linking her. Loving the shades and fedora, Aarika.

Mixed patterns and a garden hose. What more can be said? Awesome.

See what i mean by "better photography" than MyStyleDiary? Who gives a shit about some narcissist taking a picture of themselves in a mirror (me), when you can look at pics of girls wearing pink tights jumping out of swings.

Oh, don't cry MyStyleDiary. You're and old standby and I still love you. But you'd better accept my new love affair with Wardrobe remix.


Lluviaschick said...

some intersting pieces

Hannah Danger said...

You just made an addict out of me!

Bojana said...

I've been using style diary for a few years now.... Time to move on?