Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cool Shot

The other day, I was whining to my boyfriend about how everyone looks so awesome on street style websites, and how pictures of my outfits end up looking lame because they're taken in the mirror, in my uncharismatic room. Being a Photojournalism student, he offered to take pictures of me in a cool setting wearing cool stuff. Ironically, I ended up wearing his clothing instead of mine. A lovely way to capture my 'personal' style, isn't it?

T-shirt: Boyfriend's, thrifted.
Pants: Le Chateau
Suspenders: They came with the pants.


Joyce said...

nice photo! if i were you i would use your boyf a lot more!

Bojana said...

Nice picture!!

And I love your hair

Dilemma said...

Oh how I wish I could look that good in suspenders!

ps:my stylemob username is radiosonde.

anastasia said...

i love your blog, to be quite honest i check it up to 3 times a day to see if you've updated!n bravo with that outfit, tres cute.

Netchem said...

the pic is great!!!....take pics of ur self like i do...get a tripod...N put the self timer on=)