Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its me! Wearing clothes. As usual.

Two posts in one day, oh my! Tommorrow is a party/book fair celebrating Trafalgar Day at my work. I work at the Archives and Collections Society, doing historical reasearch on local topics. Yeah, I'm a geek. Since we're supposed to dress up a little, it's a party after all, I'm going to wear my new beret, a massive bow tie, white shirt, skinny black pants and platform heels.

On a less traditional note, I have yet to step out of public in my American Apparel gold skirt. It makes everything look to contrived. Worse yet, I would feel like I'm at a disco in a sea full of smelly teenagers wearing sweatpants if I ever wear it to school. Do you think this outfit incorporating the skirt is alright? The black sweater is Gap, but I trhifted it a Value Village, obviously the skirt is AA, the star leggings are H&M and the leopard flats are Rocket Dog.

Too many patterns, or is mix-and-match the way to go?


WendyB said...

I like the skirt the way you've styled it here!

stupidcupcake said...

The skirt outfit is really nice.
And I LOVE the bowtie.!

Tereza said...

it looks very nice, maybe change hte leopard flats for something more subdued. the sweater is perfect though

buttonsandstars said...

I'm in love with the first outfit, but i think you need to change the leggings in the last... I don't know what to suggest though! perhaps black opaques.

Heather said...

I think black tights are a good idea, they'd go well with the leopard flats. I know how you feel about clothes at school, my campus is full of sweatpants and sorority girls who wear dresses for novelty value every now and then.

Marisa! said...

for the second look, get rid of the leggings. it's too much.

i suggest wearing the skirt with either bare legs and the flats or black tights and flats.

AVLstyle said...

i LOVE the first outfit

as for the second, i'd go with either black flats and star leggings, or black leggings and leopard flats, not star leggings and leopard flats. otherwise, i think it really works!

SICK. said...

with the gold skirt, i would wear an oversized thin black tee, black nylons, and some vertiginous heels.