Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More on Paris Fashion Week S/S 08

Balenciaga always dictates what sort of footwear will be splashed across magazine editorials for the next 6 months. I wasn't a fan of the 10 inch platform hooker boots or of the goalie mask stilettos. But these wild lace-up boots have me wanting more. I must say, I'm intrigued.

Is it just me or is Maison Martin Margiela finding a little too much inspiration in semi-porn American Apparel ads?

I'm not familiar with A.F. Vandervorst at all, but is broadening my fashion horizons. I really love this getup, especially the boob details. I would definitely wear this, but only if I was craving attention.

Gaultier is never wearable. I like the militaristic statement he's trying to get across, but camoflauge is just not my cup of tea. Or anyone elses who wants to look good. Okay, that was a bit harsh. I just don't like camoflauge.


mary said...

alright, does the AF Vandervorst outfit remind anyone else of mean girls?? im sure i cant be the only one

Maddy said...

The third picture reminds me of the part in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan snips out the boobal regions of Regina's shirt to try and make her look stupid, but then it turns into this huge trend. (Sorry if what I just said was kind of strange and also poorly articulated, I'm kind of sick and lethargic right now.)

Jessica said...

Balenciaga's work surely has seen better days. I thought Gaultier had his strong moments

Lizy said...

Gaultier collection are good always..The dress in the 4th pic remsembles the military dress.Good post..
Lovely pics.

Tamara said...

haha, mary and maddy, the only reason i went to comment on this post was to say that A.F. Vandervorst clearly got his inspiration watching mean girls