Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MyStyleDiary: Shesfixedherhair

I really seem to be having a beret moment. Phase might be a better word for it, seeing as my last three blog posts (including this one) have mentioned berets in one context or another. I found pretty sweet pictures on the MyStyleDiary of shesfixedherhair and well, I think you know where this is going...

Yes, she has paired a very classy black beret with a black outfit whith white raybans and brown heeled oxfords. I find this very tastefully done. Brown tends to look out of place in solid-black outfits, but it really adds a certain je ne sais quois to this look.

There's no beret here, but that doesn't mean it isn't an awesome outfit. Scarves can come off looking contrived because they have gained so much popularity as of late, but it really looks anything but here. The baggy tunic, black skinnies (or are they leggings?)and the same brown shoes look messy fabulous.

Homemade shirts kick ass and so do the Klaxons. Even if they are so-called "kunts".

shesfixedherhair certainly has herself a great MyStyleDiary account.


stupidcupcake said...

Oh she is so cool.
But I don't think the Klaxons tee is home made.. My mate got one similar..

Heather said...

even if it's not homemade it's sweet... I want one! I'm digging berets too.

L. said...

Your comment made my day! I agree about the brown shoes, I was all no way and then came around to it. Sweet bow tie also.

Waverly said...

klaxons kick ass. i've seen them live and it was one giant neon-hipster-dance-party.