Saturday, October 06, 2007

Purple + Red

Purple and red is the one colour combination I just cannot stand. I used to despise brown and black, but I have been softening up to that one lately and I actually quite enjoy navy and black together. This Face Hunter picture is proof that you can be wearing a Jeremy Scott (best designer ever!) dress and still look like you got dressed in the dark.

But on the other hand, I seem to have no qualms with this purple/orange combo, which is saying something because I really can't stand orange. This girl's style is adorable. She's my favourite user on Wardrobe Remix and will do a post chronicling her epic outfits soon.
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LEY said...

i like the orange bag a lot.

SICK. said...

i actually love red and purple!
i used to get so mad when people would put navy blue and royal purple together in public colouring books when they coloured queens and princesses.
what a critical little child i was.


Maddy said...

I like purple and red, but only if the purple is a rather deep, reddish shade. That's pretty much my favorite color combination.