Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vintage Izod/Lacoste

I had a crazy Lacoste thrift day on Friday, finding a red cardigan and white v-neck sweater. To be more accurate, I found the red cardigan for $2 at St. Vincent de Paul and my boyfriend bought the white v-neck sweater a while back at Value Village but was trying to sell it via commission a got it back today. Currently, he has custody of the cardigan and I have custody of the v-neck, but they are our precious children and need to be rotated between us both.

Here I am modelling, them both. They are both a massive mens size medium, so please ignore the massive amounts of fabric swallowing my frame.


lalaliu said...

im lovin it. and the green wall!! i love greeen!! although my friend told me recently that green is the horny color. -_-

Waverly said...
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Waverly said...

what a coincidence. My boyfriend also found a bright red lacoste cardigan for $2. I couldn't believe that someone would just give that away to a Salvation Army.

even though yours is a size medium, it still looks really comfy.

Jello on Springs said...

i love the red cardigan, and the idea of incorporating mens clothing to ones wardrobe. I do that alot with my dads clothes since my boyfriend is more of a tees and jeans type of guy. It's amazing what one can create with a button down shirt or some plain white hanes t-shirts.

L. said...

Great shapes. You wear them too well, I can't compete.

Anonymous said...

Vintage Izod/Lacoste

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