Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wardrobe Remix: Neutrals

I have amassed a ridiculous amount of Wardrobe Remix photos on my computer in the last few weeks. This installment of them focuses on neutral shades. The weather has officially gotten c-o-l-d in Canada. No more frolicking in flip-flops and t-shirts anymore. (Like I did that anyway... I hate flip-flops. Unfortunately, some guys with "surfer dude" style haven't given up on them yet. You live in a notoriously frigid country, dumbass. California is that way *points South*.)Anyhow, wearing bright colours in such crisp weather seems offensive so here are pictures of lovely neutral outfits for your (and mine) enjoyment.

I love this outfit from 2-5-0-3-0-1 (weird username, I know. It's pretty much how I like to dress, except I don't have a jacket that beautiful and I can't pull off legwarmers.

Wearing heavy boots and a babydoll dress like comicstriptease here is the sure way to win your place into my Courtney Love-worshipping heart. Grunge rules. I would love to wear that lovely coat/plaid dress on the mannequin beside her.

I suppose its strange that I find this detail shot of moonmonster's outfit profound. But I really do. These are the most philosophical polkadots I have ever seen.

Please mention if I have posted this picture of piksi before, but it was quite irresistable. Everything about this user's outfits, even her username, is just cute incarnate.

I suppose the mustard cardigan that sallyjanevintage is sporting, diqualifies it from being completely neutral. But I digress, the lace slip paired with the black boots is absolutely undeniably gorgeous.

Is it just me, or does everyone who owns a vintage store on eBay a member of the Wardrobe Remix community? They are all so wickedly stylish!


missc said...

oh man,
i feel like i wear a variation on the first outfit every day, but i aspire to dress like the last girl.. dilemmas..

stupidcupcake said...

I really like Comicstripteases flickr... she is so great.

Eli said...

I just got a black high waisted skirt like that girls'. I wore it at night, cant wait to figure out how to wear it in the day....

Meg said...

Blondie's outfit kicks azzzzzzzz.
Her hair is sexy.

Dilemma said...

Oh I know the second girl! Well, actually I lied I don't know her but I stalk her flickr and when I'm racked for outfit inspiration I'll pop over to her lj just to look at her outfit pictures.