Monday, November 26, 2007

Do the twist.

I haven't discovered a new blog that I love in a while. My links list is getting so long that I barely have the time to check up on my old favourite! But when I read Strawberry Milkshakes, it was blog love at first sight. She is my kind of girl: funny, gorgeous and totally fash. Need proof?

This girl rocks denim overalls and sheer blouses like they're going out of style. Which they're not and never will be so long as they're worn by anyone as awesome as her.


Sofia said...

Congratulations Isabel, the second Voxpop game “Best in Blog” is up and running and Hipster Musings is in it! I am the fashion editor at Voxpop dot TV and really liked your blog; check out your posts, click on “fashion” and then on “Best in Blog II.” Write to me for more info:
skeck at Voxpop dot tv

stupidcupcake said...

Ohh I like her sheer blouse..

Stephanie said...

Oh wow thanks so much! I love your blog too, I read it every few days.

lee jones said...

i gotta agree
her blog is amazzzing.

Sofia said...

Thanks for your observation; the blog has been fixed with the correct information and image. Sofia

SICK. said...

i love her shoes, they look like they're from din sko. or skopunkten, i forget.