Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mixed bags are not always good.

Patterned hoodies have never been too much of a bother to me. Not for a lack of ugliness, mainly because I never noticed anyone actually wearing them. All of a sudden, I walk around small-town Canada and notice hordes of people who shop at Wal-mart wearing them. I blame Pharell Williams.

Just because a cartoon printed hoodie looks good on some rap guy (or hip hop, whatever), does not mean it’s going to look good on a geeky white guy. Or girl for that matter. Have you seen the terrible things Delias is selling these days? I only went there to find a picture of printed hoodies for girls, but did not expect to be so horrified.

Mixed tapes? The person who buys this sweater is probably in the age range of 10-12 and couldn't tell the Violent Femmes from the Cocteau Twins. How terrible.


Meg said...

agreed and merci!!

Lynn said...

Hey, I really like your blog. :) And I agree, that's really silly. I mean I like mix tapes, but all over a sweatshirt?

Anonymous said...

Damn, that last bit was harsh. Pretentious, much? Did you know those obscure bands when you were Delia's shopping age? Why would someone even need to prove their indie cred before wearing a stupid hoodie with mixtapes on it? It's freaking Delia's!