Sunday, November 11, 2007

UO Lust

After reading Susie Bubble's post on what she would buy from Urban Outfitters with a 20% off discount coupon, I was pretty impressed with what she found. Then I got to thinking "what would I buy with a UO discount coupon"? Though the name of this blog is Hipster Musings, I have only been in an Urban Outfitters once, which was four years ago in Montreal. I browsed through the website, not very impressed with the sweaters or dresses. However...

Croc bags are essential, and I love this one. It's so classy.

I need these outrageous leopard print jeans NOW. I think I would wear them everyday, because they suit my style so darn well.

These sparkle tennis shoes are out for my heart. I love them, I covet them, I worship (?)them.

This adorable swingy button skirt is only $20!

I need a good sturdy pair of men's oxford-style shoes. These would suit me well.

It is times like these when I lament and rejoice my lack of credit card. I might buy all this in a fit of weakness and feel horribly guilty about it until I receive the package in the mail and think about how wonderful it is that the Canadian $ is worth more than the American $.


indie said...

ahhhhhh those leopard jeans!!!
they looks so bad-ass!!!

also my friend bought me almost identical shoes as in the last pic from second hand store but I guess I wore them in too cold weather and they just cracked everywhere :(((((

Maddy said...

Yeah, I'm not too big on UO, aside from one accordian pleat skirt that I wear constantly and am always having to iron back into shape. Although, they have an excellent selection of boys' things.

Heather said...

haha yeah, lucky exchange rate! I've drooled over the sequined sneakers for a while... have you seen their Urban Renewal line? I'm not too impressed with their regular stuff any more but Urban Renewal has some really interesting and eco-friendly pieces.

Poster Girl said...

Good taste! I just bought those leopard print jeans online. They were sold out at all of the Urban stores in my area. They're fabulous! Let me know if you'd like to exchange links...