Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day/Courtney Love

It's Boxing Day. I haven't been out of the house in almost a week. I think I need to go thrift shopping or something to get out of this funk. I shocked the extended family at dinner last night by admitting that I like Courtney Love more than I like Kurt Cobain. I mean, they're equally talented but people would appreciate Courtney much more if she hadn't lived in Kurt's shadow, and wasn't a drug addict right now. But think about it: if Kurt hadn't have died in '94, he probably wouldn't have been in much better shape than collagen Courtney is right now, no?

Yes, I love Courtney Love. Even if you don't like her, it's impossible to deny that used to be mad talented, mad fashionable and mad hot. I just wish she stayed that way.


yoncto said...

i love the old, grungey courtney love, too. now she just seems a little lost to me. last night i was watching the fuse videos that rocked the world thing, and it was on smells like teen spirit. then I started to cry when i found out that i wasn't alive when kurt cobain was. i thought i was!!!!!! but he killed himself in april '94, i was born in october '94. ;((!
i really feel like i should've been born a gen-x'er, i mean i'm feeling TOTALLY lost in the 2000's, i have NO idea what i want as of now, and there's just too much going on now for any young person to find their way easily. so i mean it could be that all of us 10-20 year olds now just end up being drug addicts and fuck ups, but ... it's just v.v. confusing being a "tween" (i hate that word) or teenager or even young adult in the 2000's.
i wish i was born 15 years earlier, so i got in for a few months of the 70's, remembered some of the 80's, came of age in the 90's, and was in my 20's in the 2000's. totally ideal.

oh god, sorry for posting this freakin' dissertation on you. i was just thinking a lot as i was watching that smells like teen spirit thing last nite, and i guess i'm just getting my feelings out...

oh, and i like courtney (the old courtney, of course) a bit better than kurt, myself, too.
although i did see a boy who looked excactly like kurt cobain on the subway today. swoon.

Kate said...

aww you're 14? man i wish i was that cool when i was your age!

and yes Miss Love is love

Heather said...

Apparently I sing just like Courtney Love, I found this out during a marathon Rock Band session.

Don't worry, I like her better than Kurt too. Random fact: there's a twee band called Courtney Love, and I thought it was her, but it's not.

Oh, and she modeled for some label in the late 90s... god, who was it? Versace?

Jamie said...

courtney love.. used to be lovely, i agree, and i think it's sad what's become of her, and how the media has destroyed her and all.. but i don't like thinking about what might've happened to kurdt if he was still alive today. especially when i see krist novoselic and his bald, supremely shiny head commenting on VH1 specials.
anywho. i love this blog! it's my fave.
andd.. i have a question.
is there any way you could find out which thrift stores dear eliza shops at in chicago? i'm in chicago for a holiday and wanted to go shopping
so i'd really appreciate it if you could figure that out for me :)

email me to let me know, one way or the other, if it's not too much hassle.

buttonsandstars said...

She is amazing... I like to dress people up like her at the costume shop that I work at. She's just so stylish and quirky looking. It's a shame that she's ended up the way she has!

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the iron chic said...

"Live Through This" is an undeniably great album. People hate her because she is the type of person who is willing to do anything and anyone to be rich and famous. Some would call that ambition.

yoncto said...

thanks. i'm 13, actually. lol

Annie said...

omg. i have no comments on ur blog sorry!....except that holy crap i feel OLD. to the first girl OMG i was already 7 when u were born.

Kristin said...

She is amazing. So so much talent and just greatness. lol. Totally agreed.

Your blog is cool. Would you be interested in exchanging links?

SICK. said...

i'm not sure i like courtney love, but i certainly find her fascinating.