Saturday, December 15, 2007

Everybody's Scene Sucks.

If you enjoyed my previous post on Indie Tribes, then you'll unquestionably fall in love with Your Scene Sucks, which I found on reccomendation by the lovely Heather. It's got a lot more biting insults than anything I produced, plus cartoon pictures of what the typified scenester looks like. All of the general characteristics of the scenesters below are just ripped apart. It may be mean, but its funny. I promise.


buttonsandstars said...

What a funny site! Cruel, but damn hilarious.

Stephanie said...

Hahahahahhaa I love it!

A. said...

YES i love yourscenesucks. Great recommendation. It inspires me to make fun of emo kids even more.

LCL said...

love that website!

hey, p.s. check out me and my friend's blog
we're not quite as cool as you but still funny to read

Erica said...

Wow, thanks for the laughs.

It's the kind of funny that's so sad you just have to laugh.