Saturday, December 29, 2007

List of things I want, but certainly don't need from American Apparel

I only want these running shorts if they make my ass look THAT good.

Green is my favourite colour, so I wouldn't mind owning this hoodie. I'd probably put Green Party buttons on it just to be super awesome.

I don't think I'd ever lose my change if my change purse was this shiny!

I wouldn't mind a striped hoodie either. Though, I would probably wear a shirt underneath or at least zip it up all the way. Poor model...


Wendy said...

Haha I wouldn't mind those running shorts if, like you mentioned, it'd give my butt the same effect. The other items are very sweet.

Eli said...

dont you guys have targets? cause youre choosing such basics Isabel. You can buy these anywhere!

Lauren said...

I fall into the exact same trap with American Apparel. I always think "wow, that dress must be magic because that model looks super hot" when I should be thinking "yeah, organic cotton isn't THAT amazing."

Stararah said...

I want the striped hoodie. A lot.

the iron chic said...

I know stupid American Apparel. I swear I made that dress pattern before they did!

Soul Tanggg said...

a good friend of mine has those grey shorts, and let me tell you..

(but you didn't hear it from me!!!)


SICK. said...

i have similar shorts (not really but kind of), the hooters shorts ? i don't like to call them that though because i'd rather not be associated with hooters girls. but anyway, they are blue & they've been banned from gym class.

that story didn't really have much to do with your post, other than solidifying the fact that american apparel can be incredibly scandalous.

on a more relevant note, i have the red unisex flex fleece zip-up sweater. which is similar to the striped sweater.

okay i'm stopping myself before i get too out of control .


ps i want those salt & pepper running shorts.

Style Bite said...

Everyone needs a shiny gold coin least thats what I'm telling myself:)