Monday, December 10, 2007

The Rattlesnake: Installment 1

It all started when I was reading Cory Kennedy's blog and thought "Wow, she justs talks about hanging out with different people. It's about as exciting as where I live (which is certainly not L.A.)...". So there was a group decision to parody the Cobrasnake. This collection of "party photos" will be called the Rattlesnake. Genius, right? I brought my camera to play practice today and took a few shots. They're not very good, because clearly I could never match the photographic genius of Mark Hunter(just kidding, obviously). However, it's quite preliminary and we're all doing our best to look like uber-hipsters. Can you tell?

That cake was supposed to look like male genitalia. Needless to say, ity doesn't. It looks more like a frog, actually but I'm sure you get the point.


Erica said...

Try using a lobster shaped pan.

...don't ask.

Eli said...

whats funny is that your body shape looks exactly the same in this photo and the one below. Like you photoshopped your backgrounds. Um also, your shoes contrasting with your clothes is really good.