Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thrift Face-off

Belleville vs. Guelph - Round 1

A thrifting rendezvous in Belleville offered up the following items.
1. Gray Cardigan
2. Black Sequin Vest (wonderful, but needs some serious size adjustment)
3. This leopard-print scarf.
Guelph offered up
1. A pair of gently-worn Doc Martens boots (which I've been searching forever for)
2. This grandma-esque knit cardigan
So who wins? It depends on which outfit I wear... I love both cardigans, the leopard scarf is versatile and chic and the Doc Martens cross one item of my 'To Buy' list. Instead of choosing a winner and loser, I conclude that thrifting is awesome no matter where you do it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Going Away

I'll be in Toronto/Guelph until Wednesday or Thursday. I know, there's probably been a bigger time difference between posts and I haven't told you. But this time I actually have a reason, and there will be much to discuss upon my return.


Saturday, January 27, 2007


I'm no manga-nerd, but Japan seems like a pretty cool destination. It may be Gwen Stefani or it may be Fruits street-style magazine (likely the latter), but something about Japan's contemporary, cutting-edge style intrigues me. I just discovered Cool East Market and am curious as to your thoughts and reactions on the shoes featured below.

I'm inclined to label them "hare-lip boots" but these, Tabi (as they are called in Japan) have an undeniable appeal. If you don't do Doc Martens and are too cool for Converse, I think Tabi could be an unassuming way to make an outfit original. No one has them, and even less would even consider wearing them. Perhaps that's why they're cool - it takes guts to wear something this polarizing. Though I don't plan on spending $33 (cheap!) for a pair imported from Asia, I fully admire anyone who does.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Style Schizophrenia

Mary-Kate and Ashley - Well known for their collective style schizophrenia

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, so here it goes. My name is Isabel and I am a style schizophrenic. Sometimes I like to vamp it up in form-fitting black dresses and sleek heels, but I'm equally partial to floaty vintage lace. Then there's the 'rock-chick' vibe I exude most often with my band shirts and perpetually unbrushed wavy hair. Sometimes it's fun to play characters but other times it's just plain confusing. Who am I, and why don't I have a signature style? I would love to have one signature style that I can always depend on, but that's not a decision that can be forced. I suppose I'm still searching for my "indentity", so the closest I can come to taming me style is to just plain admit what works on me and what doesn't.

What DOES work on me:

  • Neutrals: Black, white and grey. Yes, anything to tame the beast that is my out-of-control personal style.
  • Patterns: It sounds like a contradiction to rule #1, but it's not. So long as the pattern is in a neutral colour, it's safe. A dash of plaid, polka dots and animal prints are almost necessary to jazz up the neutrals with.
  • Leg-Enhancing Silhouettes: I don't really know what constitutes an "attractive" leg. All I know is that I'd like to look taller than 5"5, and the way to do that is by baring a lot of leg in either minidresses and skinny jeans.
  • T-shirts: I am inseparable with my t-shirts. We often don't leave each other's arms for days.

What does NOT work on me:

  • Cartoon characters: As much as I admire Hello Kitty, I put my foot down on "cute". Unless the cute has a dash of irony a la Emily the Strange, cutesy cartoon characters will not be entering my wardrobe or jewelery box any time soon. As much as I admire people who can pull off the "walking Sanrio billboard look" aplomb, it just doesn't work on me.
  • Loud Floral Prints: I am not a country-club matron. I am not classy or old. I don't like my clothes to scream at me or anyone who lays eyes on them, therefore I abstain from loud floral prints.
  • Most colours: Aside from neutrals, the only colours I wear are green, blue and red. Pink makes me look like Lolita. Orange makes me look edible. Yellow makes everyone look like Big Bird. End of story.

So there it is. I will try my hardest to abide by these guidelines in the 12-Step Solution to solving my "problem".

Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Final Fashion has tagged me to reveal 5 things you don't know about me, and I have dutifully expected the challenge.

1. I am quite averse to drugs and alcohol.
2. I was a big-time poser punk at the beginning of high school. I listened to Good Charlotte and wore black nail polish and eyeliner. It was the lamest angsty phase ever - thank god I've reformed.
3. I'm 17 and still can't drive.
4. I have a crush on a musician whose initials are an alliteration.
5. I plan to go to York University and take Environmental Studies, so I can help save the world.

Now it's my turn to tag you: Miss Couture, Bombazine Doll, Viva Las Divas, Ashcan Rantings and Fashion Verbatim - reveal, I command you!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Cure For Anorexia

Disclaimer: This is a friggin' joke. Don't get angry.

Anorexics starve themselves in order to make every bone in their body visible. Instead of encouraging this unhealthy habit, why don't we just buy a ribcage tee-shirt and pelvic bone skirt for every eating-disorder case to enroll in rehab. I quite like these "expose-all" pieces, so why not solve the fashionable body-type problem with fashionable clothing. Can't you just see girls with already-skeletal frames running around in bone clothes everywhere? Okay, so I can't either. But it's a novel idea...

If I may reiterate, this is a jesting excuse to post pictures of interesting clothing. So don't write angry comments on how insensitive I am. The skirt is from CubistLiterature on Etsy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sick Chic

While doing "homework", an Ebay search resulted in my discovery of these Fornarina pumps. They're crazy, they're cool, they're (if I dare use the term) sick. Actually sick. These shoes look like their Kindergarten playdate resulted in a nasty case of measles. I never equated illness with fashion, but these shoes seem to be doing a decent job of combining the two. You can say polka-dots are over, but everyone has to have a bad case of the chicken pox once in your life and I'd like to have mine on a cute pair of shoes, thank you very much.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Purse Post

I'm bidding on a Tokidoki for Lesportsace bag for my best friend's birthday - since I'm pretty sure she'll be reading this, I have a question - "Is this bag nice enough?" I hope so! If not I'll just retract it and we'll start searching for the perfect purse anew.

Speaking of perfect, I was on the Decades blog and stumbled across the perfect purse for me. Black. Croc. Chain-link handle. Sleek. Designer (It's Chanel). Yes, that pretty much covers perfection in my eyes. Excuse me while I stare at the picture, barely believing such a beautiful creation could actually exist.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bust Out!

In the seemingly neverending quest to find a magazine as good as ELLEgirl, I have been introduced to 'Bust' magazine by my best friend. It's a smart, sassy and slick rag that doesn't focus on the maistream or pretend to be elitist - pretty much everything I desire in a good magazine. It's definitely got a left-wing feminist bias, which I appreciate. However, it probably wouldn't appeal to anyone not interested in those politics. But whether you're liberal or conservative, it sure features some adorable websites.

Sublime Stitching is a site selling wicked-awesome embroidery patterns. The patterns are reusable iron-ons and are quite innovative. I adore this specific "Rock 'n' Roll" pattern for seamlessly merging fashion and music. A serious question: Who knew embroidery could be so awesome?

Buy Olympia is another one of Bust's frequently advertised websites. They're famous for their 'Reading is Sexy' merch, but my particular favourite is this 'Punk Rock Saved My Life' tee. I think this tee would look much better on me than ii does pictured here because unlike the mannequin, I'm not a male with a beer belly.

There's also Naughty Secretary Club, where all of the merchandise is so impossible cute that I just couldn't decide which picture I could post, so I didn't post one at all. Check it regardless of my lack of graphics.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical
You blog like no one else is reading...You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!

Your Vocabulary Score: A+
Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!You must be quite an erudite person.

Your Quirk Factor: 80%
You're so quirky, it's hard for you to tell the difference between quirky and normal.No doubt about it, there's little about you that's "normal" or "average."
How Quirky Are You?

Fake Chanel Sucks

It's an epidemic. I would have to estimate that at least 50% of my school's population wears fake Chanel earrings. The malls's knockoff man must be wealthy by the way sartorial victims flaunt these godawful babies. They're obviously plastic, and instead of creating a facade of affluence, the wearers of these plastic garbage earrings create an air of desperation. "Oooh, look at me - I'm wearing Chanel, just like everyone else who is trendy at school!". It especially bad when those wearing the earrings are also carrying around a tote emblazoned with double C's. The people who do this are trashy and buy clothes at Stitches. Could they make their financial inadequacy any clearer? Puh-lease. If you could afford Chanel earrings and bags, then why would you be living in a crappy town like Belleville? Just give me a break. I know they're fake, and so do you. How can you lie to yourself like that?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

No lies. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is totally hot. Not only does she have a premium fashion pedigree, being Carine's daughter, she's also straight-up hot. I guess she has inherited good taste, but I am quite impressed with her style. It's distinctly different than her mother's but equally impeccable. And hot.

The gray dress with the plunging neckline + red lipstick and the floaty white dress + vest ensembles are just gorgeous. They're two different looks but she looks just as comfortable in vixen mode as she does in bohemian. She's a natural girl, that lucky Restoin-Roitfeld.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vintage Dress

I was stuck downtown for an hour or two with nothing urgent to do, so I decided to stop by the St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store. Lo and behold, this beautiful $3 vintage dress popped it's head out at me and begged me to take it home. I couldn't refuse, and now I am the proud owner of this "indie-Little-House-on-the-Prairie" dress. It's too cold to wear right now, but come springtime I will be rocking this dress like it's a musical instument.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Ghost World

I have finally found a kindred spirit in a movie character. Thora Birch's character, Enid, in Ghost World is me. We're both cynical, kooky and somewhat Jewish. I'm less monotone and can't draw, but Enid has gained solid ground in my good books. The way she dresses is ridiculously fabulous. Her barettes, random tee-shirts and combat boots reminisce the spirit of hipster-dom before it was eclipsed by the mainstream. More people probably resemble her now than when the movie came out, but I still think that her "out there" style is highly underappreciated. The movie itself is an amusing piece of work, and I highly recommend you watch it if you agree with any of the opinions expressed in this blog.