Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've probably mentioned a thing or two on My Style Diary before, but I am particularly enamoured by the diary of Susie Bubble. Susie's blog is wonderful but her Style Diary is honestly mind-blowing. It's diverse and atypical. Despite the bombarding variety of influences in her wardrobe, Susie's natural style defies any sort of convention. Look at some of my favourite outfits and let your jaw drop, but for God's sake wipe the drool off your face.
Just when I thought pearls were over, this wacky bubblegum pearl necklace came along and changed my mind. Same with the nautical trend - this cardigan is way too cool to sit at the back of one's closet because it isn't 'in'. The pearls and cardigan paired with the gray scalloped skirt is genius. Pure genius!
I covet that forlorn-looking vintage leather purse. I really do. Plaid paired with a burgundy bubble skirt sound so wrong, but looks quite the opposite. I adore this mega-layered look!
I have a pile of baggy t-shirts like this, but I wear mine as pajamas. But the sad thing is, even if I paired one with a slouchy vest, bermudas and a rope belt, I still wouldn't look half as cool as Susie Bubble does here.
I really hate yellow, but it just looks so dang charming here! Mad props for brigntening up the outfit and my day, after looking at the outfit.
I feel a lot like a creepy stalker after reading over this gushing post. I would be embarrassed if she actually read this - it sounds like a public e-crush or something. Is it even possible to have a crush on someone's clothes? If it is, this must be the closest I've ever been...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Know You're Reading This!

Hey Shelby - Happy 18th Birthday! I love you! In celebration, I will post pictures of stylish ladies with tattoos, because 18 year olds can get tattoos without parental permission. (10 more months 'til I'm 18 - curse you late birthday!) I know Shelby won't get a tattoo with me, or even approve of me getting one but the opportunity was too good to pass up!

Pictures Courtesy of the Facehunter

Oscar Rock

I'm a bit late on the Oscar post, but I couldn't find pictures anywhere until my beloved stepped in to save me. No one's look excited me more than the refreshingly adolescent Abigail Breslin or the refreshingly elderly (but hot) Helen Mirren.
Abigail Breslin is a-dor-a-ble. She look like a flower girl! Though it may not be glamourous, the age-appropriate frock was perfect for Little Miss Sunshine. She probably felt like a princess...

From Little Miss Sunshine to The Queen. Abigail and Helen Mirren's looks are personified by their movie names. Curious. Now, despite the botox, Helen Mirren is the hottest old lady around. I'm glad Will Ferrell and Jack Black sang a semi-tribute to her - it was well-deserved. The sparkles, the smile, perfect!

The best quote of the night? "I'm going to take the [movie] about the man with no arms or legs who teaches gangbangers Hamlet!" -Will Ferrell

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Born Dead"

Raise your hand and say 'I' if your epitome of male fashion involves a mohawk, leather jacket and bondage pants. I. Enough said.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Last Refuge

The last refuge of minimalism, that is. Shed the neon rave glitter. Shed the layers. Shed the pants and slip into a delightful creation of liquid slink by Anna Molinari or Jil Sander. They're both so basic black and wonderful. I wish for warmer weather and places to go where I could show off these outfits in my imaginary wardrobe.
Anna Molinari: Collarbones, miniskirt and full-length gloves. A recipe for Bond Girl destruction if there ever was one.
Anna Molinari: A belted bodysuit. It reminds me of a gymnast who goes gothic and looks damn good doing it. I have no idea where anyone could actually wear this, but it sure looks hot on the runway.
Jil Sander: I'm astounded by the clarity and peace of mind this picture conveys. The white runway, pale skin and tight black dress all contribute to the look's severity. But it's a severity I can appreciate. Being approachable is so overrated.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vision Enhancing

I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade, when I was so young the smallest frames covered most of my face. I've always associated glasses with being geeky and uncool, but these girls (all captured by Face Hunter) give new meaning to bespectacled. The huge glasses here seem to be inspired by Iekeliene Stange in all her lenseless, gigantic-framed glory. Whether they actually need glasses or not, they sure can look cool.

The Verdict? Glasses can be hot, but only on some people. There's no way I could ever pull off any of the frames shown here - but I am really impressed with the people who can. I'll just stick to my framelesses.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Marc by Marc F/W 2007

Sorry, fangirls. The new Marc Jacobs collection kind of sucks. It blows chunks, to be exact. Of what, I'm not saying. Marc is still stuck in last season's plaid/chunky tights and it's driving me crazy. I'm all for plaid an chunky tights, but not for two collections in a row. It's a bad rut to be stuck in. The dress below reminds me of that Luella dress everyone went crazy for when it was part of her Go International for Target collection. This version is shapeless and unflattering compared to the Target dress as well.
Oh, Stam - what have they done to you? I know you're from Canada, but so am I. And last time I checked, I was wearing a green Zara pea coat instead of the rabbit I shot on a backwoods hunting trip. Those pants are beyond "pajama" classification as well. They're just awful. MC Hammer pyjamas and dead rabbits do not a fashionable outfit make.
I will console myself by ogling these bizarre python Louboutins. They're shiny and weird, much like myself.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I feel the urge to own a classic bag, and am doing me best to suppress it. Honestly, I'm 17! I should not be spending $300 on a plain leather handbag - I should be wearing ridiculous fashion combinations that only a youth could pull off. But somehow, I find myself wearing tee-shirts and trousers. I am not a secretary - I don't even have the qualifications to pull off trousers, yet I persist. Where are the charm necklaces, patterned shoes and polka-dotted skirts when I need them. But hark, a conclusion awaits us. Perhaps the ultimate for of fashion rebellion involves and element of maturity. I find it more shocking to see teenagers dressing conservatively than it is to see Juicy Couture-clad O.C. moms who try to be their daughters. Either way, I can't help but admire these lovely, classic, basic, staple bags from Roots Leather (Oh, the Canadiana continues!)
Editor's Tote - $298.00
London Satchel - $298.00

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Irina in BCBG! Read all about it!

Does anyone really need to be reminded of the perfection that is Irina Lazareanu? She is the it model, Kate Moss' friend, Canadian and has epic hair. Epic. I try not to think about Irina's perfection too often or I fear I will blow my head off with a shotgun in jealousy. But I couldn't help but be reminded while perusing through BCBG Max Azria's F/W 07 collection.

I adore the slouchy silhouettes with the pointy dress shoes. Those bloody winklepickers add the perfect insouciance each outfit. BCBG is a great label, but I really don't want to be told what to wear in Winter of '07 when I am still experiencing the bone-chilling remnants of Winter '06. It actually messes with my emotions. Anyhow, the reason why I was looking at BCBG specifically was because my mom gave me a pair of cast off black ankle-strap BCBG pumps. They're very 1920s flapper and I'm quite excited by this new acquisition. Perhaps these gold winklepickers will be next in my BCBG shoe collection? I wish.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Brain Hurts A Lot

This is my 1 yr. blogging anniversary - rejoice! I checked out the new Tory Burch S/S 07 collection expecting some great fodder for insults. If Burch's collection turned out to be a trainwreck, then I could put the nail in the coffin of socialite clothing lines. Because we all know that Chick by Nicky Hilton was a trashbag of a failure... But to my pleasant surprise, Tory Burch wasn't all that awful. In fact, it's pretty nice! The worst thing I could find was this poofy striped coat/ankle boots combo, and even then, the outfit underneath it is awfully cute.
This scalloped coat over the black outfit is genius. It's the perfect length, and I've never seen anything like it before. If I were a rich socialite myself, Jeeves the Butler would be driving me to the nearest Tory Burch store (probably in L.A.) so I could grab this coat and make it mine.
Again wighe the hot hobo look. The gold details on the coat and bag make is more luxe than homeless. How desirable! The sweater dress with the boots is great - it's refreshing to see boots on their own intead of being unflatteringly scrunched over jeans.
So I have decided that Tory Burch really isn't all that bad. She's relatively young for a designer, and definitely a neophyte at the trade but she's far more mature than socialites of the Hilton variety. Perhaps Tory is the perfect mix between young and old and her appeal will defy age groups. After all, 40 is the new 20.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Costello Tagliapietra is the most awkward man in fashion, hands down. He looks like a lumberjack. He dresses like a lumberjack.

Yet he churns out ethereal dresses such as the simple nude number featured above. I don't get it. Is he a genius or is he fool. No one is taken seriously in the fashion world when they shop for clothing at hardware stores. It's just not logical. It's even harder to take him seriously when 80% of North Americans can't even pronounce his surname. Tagliapie-what? Tag-lia-pietra. Get used to the name people, because with such desirable simple frocks I can see he means business. And his business does not involve screws, bolts and faucets.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson's new collection is awesome. Her skin is as dry as a pterodactyl in Texas, but the collection was anything but. The collection seems to be based on role play, which the perpetually girlish Betsey appears to have perfected.
I'm pretty sure the French Maid costume is a joke, but it's cute nevertheless.
The white socks and pleated bottom of the skirt are reminiscent of a naughty schoolgirl. Yet the gloves give it a real flapper edge. This dress is so wonderfully simple - I want it!
This time the little girl is dressing up as a professional. It really conjures the image of a three year old in smeared red-lipstick, too-big heels and yards of pearls. The look is classy, but almost too fresh for office-wear. Almost.
I don't think this silver dress is meant to be a costume of sorts. I just wanted to include it in the post because it is wonderful. It's so damned red-carpet, it deserves it's own Oscar for best dress. Do you take paper or plastic, Ms. Johnson?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't let Lil Kim inspire you.

I decided today that I positively despise people who tuck their pants into boots. I never sprang for the look myself, but didn't care whether people chose to wear their pants in or out of boots. After seeing 100 too many girls copycatting that look today, it officially died in my eyes. I don't care if they're Uggs or the sleekest leather riding boots on the face of the planet. It's a sucky look. Do you want to look like Lil Kim? No one wants to look like Lil Kim. You might as well be wearing breast pasties. The funeral for Mr. Pants-in-Boots is next week, closed casket. Pay your respects.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Spring has definitely arrived - in the fashion world, at least. Weather-wise, it is still winter. In fact, there was a snowstorm and I couldn't got to a local concert and my love life is ruined permanently, but that's another story. Anyhow, every wardrobe needs the necessary updating each season. Here are the 3 items I will be purchasing for S/S 07, whether they are "in" or not.

1. Baggy cuffed bermuda shorts. A little bit military, a little bit androgynous. Sooo last season, right? Never. Wearing an old trend with panache will make it look more modern than ever.
2. Metallic Flats. They're the sartorial version of panache, really. Leather confidence.

3. Tuxedo vest. Definitely not this specific vest. I'm looking for a navy pinstripe mans vest that will make my body look like a human ruler or pencil. Or anything flat and straight. This is how much I adore androgyny: if the style rubbed off testosterone on me, I would have a full beard right now. Perhaps even mutton chops.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Tin Trend

If I only had a heart...
The Wizard of Oz was always my favourite movie growing up, but I always found style inspiration from Dorothy instead of the Tin Man. Metallics are old news trend-wise, but are currently undergoing a space-age revival at Balenciaga, Hussein Chalayan etc. I was never a convert to metallics before. Shiny purses and shoes always looked gaudy to me, but retailers are getting things right the second time around. Though the part of my heart dedicated to metallic purses remains icy and unaffected by global warming, I'm really warming up to metallic shoes. Since most of my outfits are black and grey, a gold or silver shoe would add the appropriate POP! effect I desire. There's a pair of silver almond-toe mary janes at Winners that I'm keeping my eye on. If they continue to consume my thoughts, I might just have to make them mine.