Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad News

I am chest deep in describing the historical significance of Peter the Great and the English Civil War. Drowning. Underwater. I'll be back early next week.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good News

Dang! I couldn't upload the picture but apparently I was mentioned as a side note in last weeks National Post! (Style Section, Style ABC's). Even though I wasn't the main focus, it's still pretty excited to be featured in a Canada-wide newspaper. Kick-butt.

In case you were wondering about which random Misshape pic is inspiring me right now, I have to give kudos to this girl. I love the t-shirt scrawl, leather belt, grampa sweater and classy purse. If anyone ever had any doubt about what I was trying to pull off in regards to my clothing, look no further.

Sidebar: Has anyone listened to the new abum by The Stooges called "The Weirdness"? Because you really should. I was totally expecting Iggy Pop to be a musical burnout by now, but this album just really rocks. It can't get much better than old junkies rocking out. I can't even pick a favourite song for you to download. However, the songs with the best lyrics are clearly "Free & Freaky" and "Greedy Awful People". Just give it a listen, folks!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Goods for Greens

I may be right-handed, but it's no secret I'm a leftist. (Not a communist, just a hippie). I was on the Green Party website, as usual and clicked the 'Goods for Greens' links to see what I could buy and this is what came up!
This bag is made out of recycled denim. Very cool. It may not be the most fashionable bag, but it sure gets the point across.
I covet this t-shirt. Now that the weather is warm and spring-like, it would be lovely to don this top with dreadlocks, raggedy jean shorts and Birkenstocks. Or not. Wow, that was supposed to be a joke but actually sounds like something I might wear when the heat is getting to me brain, provided I actually had dreadlocks.
This shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I don't really like the shirt, but I love peace. In fact, I hope everyone reading this loves peace. Spread the love.
Another Urban Outfitters. I love the simplicity of this shirt, without any writing to soil it's message. Definitely another shirt to wear with the dreadlocks/jean shorts/Birks. (Haha, I really hope I'm making you squirm right now.)
"Friends don't let friends vote Republican". Cheesy but precious, and oh-so-true.

The moral of the story? Peace, Love and Recycling. But you already knew that.

By the way, honourable mention goes out to the Urban Outfitters tees bearing the messages "Veggies have more fun" and "Everyone love a lesbian".

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Misshapes 2

Just a clarification: The picture in my post about getting bangs is definitely Irina. Not me, Irina. I even said that I didn't have a picture of myself with bangs. Grrr. Don't be misled!

I figured that since I wrote such a glowing tribute to the men of Misshapes, why not include for the women? My feminist sensibilities are coming into play...
I adore Trompe d'Oeil! Though I prefer those tuxedo t-shirts, this shirt is pretty charming in it's own right. This girl is gorgeous and rocks metallic leggings like no other. Watch out Iekeliene!
The blonde hair is so fantastic I want to cry. Plus, the colourful t-shirt really amps up the menswear vest and cuffed shorts. Does jealousy make you hyperventilate too?
These suspender pants are really neat. I've never seen anything like them before! Her hair, lipstick and scarf are so perfect and adorable. What style! Honestly, if I ever see a pair of suspender pants like these, I will purchase them, providing the cost is under $200. Believe me, that's quite a splurge!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Shirking loads of homework is an unpleasant yet frequent activity that I engage in. Tonight it involves Misshapes party photos. I really have to salute the stylish men over at Misshapes NYC. Though men's fashion tends to be banal and trendless, these guys aren't playing by the book (unless it's that Hipster Haiku book we're talking about). With skinny pants and messy hair, I think even the most stylish women at Misshapes could learn a thing or two from these guys.
I really like this guys clever t-shirt, which overshadows the lame white skinny pants. (Who does he think he is? J. L0?) Bonus points for his physical attractiveness.
This guy is probably used to being the most stylish man at the party. The hair is very wrong but the vintage David Bowie shirt, suspenders and bandanna are too cool for freakin' words.
Again with the bandanna and Native American shirt, this guy has flair. I have rocked this scarf-style look before, but I really feel the need to do it much more ofthen thanks to him.
I love the hair and the tastefully accomplished House of Holland tee. The blazer really tomes down the loveable garish factor of the t-shirt. He is also majorly attractive. I really can't wait until I move to the city and begin club-crawling. I should only be so lucky to encounter men as stylish as these.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Space Vest

This ridiculous contraption on my body is the "Jeremy Scott for Braemar Petites" vest I picked up while thrifting not too long ago. (Ew. I look really fat here. Or shapeless. Generally unattractive). I googled "Jeremy Scott for Braemar Petites" and since nothing solid came up, I will assume that the vest was not designed by the guy whose muse is Cory Kennedy. Anyhow, I thought it fit in well with the futuristic trend, and was a cooler way to incorporate the futuristic trend into my wardrobe than American Apparel metallic leggings. I like this vest a lot, but I am certain I will regret posting this fat picture sometime in the near future (now).

I Got Bangs!

After hankering for a new hairdo for some time, and I am now the proud owner of bangs! My hair looked a wee bit Irina before the bangs, but now I'm a dead ringer. Okay, so I don't quite have the insouciant cool that Irina posesses, but I'm working on it. I'll post a picture if Blogger ever lets me. The moral of the story? I have bangs. They are awesome and so is Irina. Thank you, Ladies and Gent(s).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hollister Blows.

OMG! I M LIEK SOO COOL!!! Who knows if I've ever mentioned human cloning on this blog or not, but I have sure as hell mentioned fashion cloning. Instead of heading off to a sunny location this March Break, I've been forced to take in-class driving lessons. There's a row of four girls who sit in front of me and they all look the same. They are all wearing sweatpants, "birkenclogs"/Uggs, a polo shirt and have messy hair. The picture to the right can't even compare to the clods of hair that have been bobby-pinned with reckless abandon littering the top of her head. It's painfully obvious they have never set foot in a store that isn't called American Eagle, Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. They're the popular girls, right? Ummm, no. Their faces are definitely not attractive, their collective style is awful and their personalities are the worst. They think that I'm a snobby freak because I came into class wearing a leopard-print coat and red lipstick! Next March Break, I should teach a course on fashion. I bet these girls would sign up in, like, a heartbeat. Once I started teaching, they wouldn't know what hit them.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Agyness Deyn

I love Agyness Deyn! Even though her hair is short, she never looks butch because her face is so feminine and her smile is so cute. Not to mention her fantastic style - this girl works it. Everything she wears is outrageous (note the House of Holland tee and leopard print jacket) but it suits her to a "T". I'm glad there is at least one model whose style transcends skinny jeans and ballet flats. Her style AND her name sets her apart from the crowd. Three cheers for Agyness Deyn!


Imitation is the sincerest form of brainlessness. I am having a custom cream lace babydoll dress made for my Prom. Who is touting cream lace babydoll dresses as the cool new thing to wear for Prom? Teen freaking Vogue. Teen Vogue is clearly employing thought police that steal my ideas while I'm sleeping. I've been dreaming of the dress for years now. I'm surprised Teen Vogue took so long to drill that obvious desire out of my head. Soon they'll be publishing the contents of my underwear drawer without my permission. This "Big Brother" is creeping me out. Oh yeah, and if I catch you wearing a cream lace babydoll dress to YOUR Prom, I'm going to punch you out.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Vivienne Westwood

For sure it's old news, but it's never too late for Vivienne Westwood. Her F/W '07 collection only fueled my undying love for that ridiculously cool woman. I love how she incorporates monograms into her collection. Louis Vuitton is nice and all, but I would much rather own this original coat than a ubiquitous handbag. You see, everyone knows what a Louis Vuitton handbag looks like. But only true fashionistas would be able to decipher that Vivienne Westwood is behind "Gold Label". That creates an elitist monogram, and the entire point of a monogram is to make the brand of a bag obvious. That woman is cle-ver.

Oh dear. I really adore the two outfits above, with the sneaky "Gold Label" branding. The knee-boots! The green layers! I love them both.
This outfit may say "Gold Label" anywhere, but it encompasses everything I love about Vivienne. The ratty sweater and fetishist corset look like they jumped out of her 1970s punk shop 'Sex' on Kings Road, London. The pants are very modern-Vivienne. They look bizarre on first glance, but when examined they look surprisingly wearable. (For weird old me, at least)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Money Maker

My blog is worth $18,065.28.
How much is your blog worth?

Thanks Molly! Now I know that when I'm when I'm living in poverty and dying of starvation, I can always rely on selling my blog to make a buck.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring Shopping!

Ahh, I finally satiated my need for retail therapy.
Value Village finds:
-The forest green Bally boots pictured above. They're rather worn out and need new insoles, but I prefer to call them "pre-loved". After, all who wouldn't love these? They will look wonderful with a gray cable knit sweater, a gold necklace and skinny jeans or with a simple vintage dress.
-Gold vest. The tag says "Jeremy Scott for Braemar Petites" - does that mean it was designed by the Jeremy Scott I am thinking of? I hope so, it's quite cool in an ironic way. I'll post a picture once I've altered it to fit.
-Navy tuxedo vest. Very plain and simple, but will become a new wardrobe staple for me.
-Polka dot lounge pants. They're really really ugly, but I thought they would be fun to wear around the house when no one is watching.
-Grey Jacob Annexe sweatpants. Also not to be worn outside the house.
Grand Total: $33.74
Old Navy "finds":
-Brown pyramid belt with bronze spikes. Earthy-punk, just like me. $3.97
-Bronze studded flats. They're not exactly what I would label "the ideal metallic flat", but I was dying for a pair, any pair and they were only $6.97.
-Chocolate-brown cuffed bermudas.
Finally, I am finished for the season!

They're both dead..

...but I can commemorate the wacked relationship between Sid and Nancy be wearing these earrings I just purchased from Etsy. Sid and Nancy were both such ridiculous people - I find it hilarious that someone considered them a jewellery muse! Artenergyalchemy sells a variety of pop culture earrings in her shop. If punk's not really your styles, you could buy Elvis, Gilligan's Island and Peewee Herman (ewwwwww!) pieces as well. God, that Peewee Herman is a creep.
I can't wait to receive these - wearing Sid and Nancy is going to be so much fun! Oh, and you 're welcome for supporting independent artists.