Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yard Sale!

Note the fannypack.

Thrifting is fun and all, but getting clothing for free beats a good thrift hunt any day. I volunteered at the school yard sale today and ended up with a grocery bag of trinkets for free! It was a pretty lucrative sale, but near the end of the day we decided to get rid of things by advertising them as "one bag for $1". This really got the welfare cases shaking in their (cheap, plastic) sandals. One woman was telling me about how she has six kids and she ended up paying around $20 for 3 boxes of clothes, one box of shoes and bags filled with various objects. I was glad that before this poor woman showed up I had already filled up a bag of exactly what I wanted.

1. Pink bandanna.

2. Black pashmina. I was wearing the pashmina and the bandanna all day just to keep warm. In fact, it was such a cold day that I dressed my friend Jeff in the ugliest things I could find for warmth. Twas fun.

3. Black knit scarf with gold flecks in it.

4. Black sweatshirt with a yellow picture of a dragon and the words "Dragon Squadron" on it.

5. Yellow t-shirt reading "Musketeer means air superiority". I have no clue what that means.

6. Royal blue fanny pack. I wrote "Suffragette City" on it in rainbow fabric paint and added a few buttons for originality and de-uglifying purposes.

7.Purple wallet made out of hemp.

8. Floaty linen dress.

Overall, I'd say that's a great deal of stuff for nothing. I may not be a Misshapes super-hipster, but I sure can shop like one.

Friday, April 27, 2007

L. Lo stole my fash.

Who: Me
What: Gray sleeveless hoodie
Where: St. Vincent de Paul
When: 11:50 a.m.
Why: Because I'm just as cool as Linday Lohan.
Instead of paying $40-odd dollars for a sleeveless hoodie from American Apparel like I was planning to, I was glad to find a gray one at a thrift store for $2. The only downside is the horrible "sk8r" graphic on the back. It's hidden by the hood, but I think I'll need a patch to cover it in case I ever feel like weaing the hood up, L. Lo style.
I'm kind of embarrassed that Lindsay Lohan and I now have an article of clothing in common, but it could be worse. I could be clothes-swapping with Larry King...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tar-jay Cou-ture

My dad is going to Tampa, Florida for a "vacation", and no "vacation" is complete without some souvenirs. That is why I asked him to go to Target and pick me up something. I have never been to Target, only their website. It is only fair that I should pay homage to the pioneers of cheap-chic by wearing something from them.
Souvenir Choice #1: If the Go International lines are anything like Viktor&Rolf for H&M, there will be nothing left from the Proenza Schouler collection. But it's still shown on the website, so I'm keeping my hopes up for a purple pencil skirt.
#2: I think this Proenza Schouler shirt is fantastic. I need a new white button-up, and I would be mighty grateful if the button-up I end up getting is this one. Lazaro + Hernandez=collective genius.
#3: This Isaac Mizraahi tote kind of looks like a Stam bag, but not enough for it to be a cheap knockoff. Plus, if anyone says it looks like a Stam knockoff you can say "It's Mizraahi, not Marc Jacobs". That'll shut them up.

#4. Another Mizraahi purse. It's not quite a cool as the previous, but hopefully at least one of the previous three items will be available for purchase so I won't end up with this purse as a present. #5. Mizraahi white dress. I would love a white dress for summer! I would prefer a Proenza Schouler purple pencil skirt, but a cute dress might have to suffice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Fugliest Pair of Boots I have EVER Seen. :O

I am panting out of fear, my friends. The shoe you see to your left was graciously recreated on Photoshop by Rachael Meckling for the purpose of this blog post. Yes, I actually saw someone wearing these shoes. Disgusting but true. I feel obliged to share the grave "grodiness" of pink fun fur stilettoes. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "JUST SAY NO"!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and realized how unattractive the human race is. It shouldn't matter if you have flabby arms and a flat ass, you don't need surgery, just find something you look good in.
HINT: Don't wear a bright floral polyester dress you bought 8 years ago. It looked bad then, it looks bad now.
HINT: Don't put on your New Balance running shoes once the dancing starts.
HINT: Wal-mart is not the place du jour for dressy-casual outfits.

Doesn't that sound like a good idea?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

StyleDiary Spotlight #2

Surfing MyStyleDiary is often like wading through a molasses pool of crappy outfits. That's why it's exciting to find someone whose style is actually promising - Case In Point: Postmoderngirl.
I'm a sucker for anything slouchy and gray. The v-neck looks wonderful! This is the way to work a Gucci monogram bag. A simple outfit canvas really sets the stage for an ostentatious handbag.
Wow, I must love black skinnies. They look even hotter with pointy shoes! My favourite part of this outfit is the black/gold Cleopatra bag. It brings back memories of my days as a 5th Grade Egyptophile.
Postmoderngirl described this as her "anti-skinny jeans and anti-skull scarf" outfit. For the complete opposite of what is considered "trendy", I kinda like it. The bag really bothers me, but those boyfriend jeans are perfect! The perfection of the jeans more than compensates for the really unfortunate looking bag. I need a pair of boyfriend jeans, STAT!

Mad props to Postmoderngirl, for being a sprinkle on the ice cream sundae that is MyStyleDiary. And yes, that metaphor was intentionally cheesy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

American Apparel Wishlist

I was really proud of Lou Lou Magazine for doing a 'Green Issue'. Though I don't need any reminding of the world's environmental situations (me=ultimate green), It made me realize that I should start paying more attention to where my clothes come from. This means that I should make a conscious effort to seek out ethical clothing, and the most accessible option to me is obviously American Apparel.
I've finally gotten over my aversion to anything hooded. This sleeveless hoodie might even be cute if it were black/grey and I added some random buttons to the pocket. It's $43.00 and the next time I'm in AA, it's going home with me.
I desperately need 2 plain long sleeve tees in black and brown, for layering/warmth purposes. The black/brown shirts I have now and hole-y and from Old Navy. Not only are they crap quality, some 8 year old in Bangladesh was only paid 1/16 of a cent for it. I guess you get what you pay for.
My current sweats, which I call my "homework pants" are a wee bit too short. These sweatpants with the elasticated hems are too short on purpose! (Oh the beauty of irony).They are also quite flattering on the model - I hope they turn out just as well on me.
I don't actually want the romper. I just can't believe American Apparel is actually selling something this weird. Perhaps I might wear this as a beach cover-up, but it's more like a sartorial joke. What's worse is, Lindsay Lohan wore this without a trace of irony. That's gotta sting.

NEWS BULLETIN: I joined IQONS, the fashion myspace. Invite me to your entourage - I need friends!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pom-Pom Prom

Though I can't quite recall the whole story, if some guy loses a bet he might have to recreate and wear the pom pom jacket to Prom. I think the image speaks for itself. This guy was actually foolish enough to wear a jacket covered in pom poms to his Prom and some fluke of nature brought him a girl who actually agreed to be seen looking like that in public! That collective outfit is originality gone wrong. They may be an "individual" couple, but is looking that bad really worth it? They were probably the toast of their Prom, too. It's a sad state of affairs.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reality Bites

After a conversation about the early '90s in history class, I thought it would be best to express myself through fashion. I wore my typical grunge outfit (baggy gray shirt, black zip-up hoodie, red plaid miniskirt, gray tights, Doc Martens) as a joke, to emulate what the teacher must've looked like circa 1993. My interpretation was fairly accurate and she ended up comparing me to Janeane Garofalo (Vickie Miner) in the movie Reality Bites. I have regrettably never seen this movie before and looked to the internet to find out exactly what this "compliment" meant. My current understanding is that the movie is a pop-culture/grunge faux-documentary and besides wearing a blue polka-dot nurse dress and having a similar hairdo to mine, Vickie is a promiscuous character. Since I can't think of anything farther from the truth, perhaps Ms. Villamere was mistaking me for Janeane herself? That must be the case, because Garofalo is a self-deprecating, feminist and outspoken comedian. That kind of sounds like me, except I'm not that funny. I think some movie-watching is in order. Let's hope her outfits aren't embarrassingly bad.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cubist Crafts

I've been too busy for craftiness lately, but whenever I do have time there's nothing I love more than a good DIY session. Getting down and dirty with buttons, thread and fabric scraps? Heck yeah! Looking at the original pieces on Cubist Literature really make me want to get crafty more often. Sewing cute rabbits and little hearts to clothing cannot be hard. I feel guilty for stealing the idea, instead of just buying the shirts. But I'll use any excuse just to save a buck.
This is not your typical bunny. Very macabre-cute. I like it!
Suddenly, the plain button up shirt is no longer built for business. Hipster-centric, I say!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Avril Fools

The Cobra Snake partied in Montreal on April Fool's Day, what fun! I'm really happy with the way Mark Hunter presented Canada and I think that Montreal was a wonderful choice of city to visit. Out of all the major Canadian cities I've visited, it's the most vibrant and exciting. All of the photography subjects look like thay're having a fun in a calm, chill manner. I love it! Canadians aren't the table dancing types.
This is typical Cobra Snake; the mod bangs, glasses and scarves. But since it's Montreal instead of L.A., it's almost guaranteed that they're not hopped up on coke.
See? This boy is just relaxing with a beer and enjoying himself. No pretentiousness, just simple insouciance. And he's adorable.
Bubble gum is no longer reserved for the Baby-Sitter's Club set. How else is a chic femme to give up smoking?
Why Mark Hunter wanted his picture take outside of the Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals, I don't know. I just like how the city retains some of it's natural greenery (even though it's dead from the friggin' cold) instead of morphing into a complete brick/concrete jungle. His hamburger t-shirt looks so out of place - it's so amusing!
Grafitti isn't reserved for 'gangstas livin' da hardknock life' who want to spray paint out their poverty-ridden angst. Here's proof it can also be funny!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mary Janes

Payless Shoe Source is a lot cooler than you expect it to be. I wasn't consciously searching for the perfect pair of metallic shoes, but when I found them at Payless for $30, I couldn't resist. (I can't wait to throw out the ugly toe-squishing pair I bought at Old Navy for $6). I even admired this style of shoe on a girl who had them in black last week, so I was doubly excited that I could get my own cute pair of shoes in an even cuter colour. I feel like a doll whenever I wear mary-janes. Maybe I'll start wearing pigtails and flippy skirt with these shoes? (Maybe not. That's a little drastic.)

Monday, April 02, 2007


You know Easter is right around the corner when street style sites start posting pictures of girls wearing bunny ears. Lolita-esque juvenility can be very attractive in the right time and place, but the "cuteness" of wearing dollar-store bunny ears headbands should be reserved for the five-and-under set.
This is a prime example from Hel Looks. The deranged Bo-peep was obviously influenced by manga cartoons and the "elegant" gothic lolita look. I feel like she morphed from a baby to adolescent sometime during her Christening. Aren't babies forced to wear frilly gowns when they're getting water splashed on their foreheads by religious authorities? Also, not to detract attention from the fact that the hair on these bunny ears is Yeti-length. Watch out, bitch. There's a new Easter Bunny in town...
Perhaps this hat is more "mouse" than "bunny", but let's not get into specifics. They both have pink ears... This Misshape's furry hat is much more tastefully done than the last one. This girl looks like she's out to have a good time and the ears are just a joke, whereas the other girl is trying to channel a serious character and failing miserably.

You know what I DO like about Easter? The candy.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mod Bangs

Try as I might, I can't pry myself away from this blog to do homework! I promised a picture of my bangs, so voila! Here is a picture. Mod, eh? Do you see the Irina resemblance? That's right, neither do I. Even if I don't look like a rock-fashion demi goddess, I still really like this new fringe.

This post-script has nothing to do with fashion.

P.S.: I was appointed to my district's Youth Advisory Committee and my school's Reach Team (trivia) made it to the Provincials!! I am a budding political trivia genius, clearly. Ooops, I think I just jinxed it...