Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swap Meet

I organized a Swap Meet between my friends, and am very pleased with the results. You see, I really want to go shopping but cannot because of extreme brokeness. So the swap meet was a perfect solution. Bring something you don't want and exchange it for something you do want. It's almost like shopping for free! Sitting in a room surrounded by your friends and piles of clothes seems like a girly sleepover fantasy, but nay. It's actually called a swap meet.
Here's a list of all the loot I brought home;

1. Leopard tank with cute wooden buttons on the front.
2. Vintage screen tee.

3. Gray floral tank.
4. Black and white striped tank.
5. Blue babydoll tank
(The following is not shown)
6.White lace flimsy hippie top.
7. Flimsy cream button down top.
8. Long-sleeve floral thermal.
9. Beige crochet shrug.
10. Black American Apparel top.
11. Cream grandpa cardigan with orange buttons.
13. Le Tigre polo top. To be honest, I don't like polos at all. But I really like the band 'Le Tigre', so wearing it like it's a band shirt will be my own private joke.

Last but not least, accessories.
13. Disco vintage clutch.
14. Unfunctioning watch.
15. Seed pearl necklace.
16. Houndstooth bow headband.
17.Checked belt.

Wow, I feel super-greedy. But super lucky to have such fashionable friends at the same time!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Done!

I graduated high school tonight, aren't you proud of me? (Not like it took a great deal of effort.)From the fashion side of things, I was glad that nobody had to wear those mortarboard grad hats, which are absolutely heinous. However, the polyester gown was unpleasantly itchy and hot. It made me feel like I was a student at Hogwarts - even though Harry Potter is cool, nobody should have to wear robes to school. I was glad to remove that awful robe to reveal...

my fab grad dress + quilted purse + leopard scarf combination. That outfit is so wonderful, it makes me indescribably happy.

P.S.: I forgot to mention my awards. Jeez, I'm such a brag whore. I got the History award, the Drama award and the Fish and Games award. Yes, I won a Fish and Games award. It is awarded to the student who shows the most interest in environmentalism every year, not to the best hunter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sack Dress

What-oh-what to wear with my new heather gray sack dress, photo courtesy of American Apparel? I suppose most people would be kind enough to dub it a "t-shirt dress", but I find the more appropriate term to be "sack dress". I don't know but it resembles a sack when I am wearing it.

Such a plain piece obviously needs jazzing up, so I plan to wear it with my hematite peace sign necklace and brown leather gladiator sandals. I think it makes for a simple summer look and I plan on wearing it to a Bob Dylan concert next week (Extra-hippie street cred for the necklace!). But the one catch is - I don't own gladiator sandals of any sort. This poses a definite problem in completing the outfit. Can any style mavens suggest what type of footwear I should don with my lovely new sack dress? No flip-flops. God, I hate flip-flops.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yellow Pants

Wow. I am really regretting the time when I was shopping in H&M last year and my friend came up to me with a pair of bright yellow skinny pants, saying "Isabel, you have to buy these. They're hilarious!". I laughed and tried them on just to humour her. They fit perfectly and were on sale for $20 but I decided not to buy them because I thought they were too silly. How wrong I was!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I want your pants!

Hel-looks is always reliable for awesome street-style pictures. This one in particular has caught my eye. Actually, more than caught my eye. Those pants are manna from heaven! Especially with the black pointy brogues! Ahhh, nervous breakdown! Ok, calm down. But really, those are the most covetable pants I have seen in a very long time. Once I make some money, it's off to Fabricland I go to buy a pattern and some plaid fabric so I can replicate this girl's fabulous look. I'm really glad I have Robin Hood boots. They look exactly like a dark-green version of this girl's brogues.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Lately, I’ve been very interested in Freegan culture. Freegans are people who live on the refuse of others. They prove that Western culture is so wasteful that it is possible to subsist on (mostly) corporate garbage. They dumpster-dive for food/living materials and their motives are socially/politically based. I read an awesome New York Times article on NYC Freegans, which I urge you to look at. Besides reading that article, I took out a book from the library by Judith Levine called "Not Buying It - My year without shopping". I'm definitely not a Freegan, but their cause does possess a romantic sort of appeal and I think the world could learn a lot by listening to such radicals.

Other Freegan-related websites are:

Now I'm going to go and work on the fifties-style checkerboard circle skirt I am currently sewing. Take that, Agyness Deyn!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Florida Calling

Yes, it's true - I love Birkenstocks. I have a pair of fake Birkenstocks that I only paid $10 for and are completely falling apart, yet I continue to wear them. A lot of people consider Birkenstocks something of a fashion blight, but I would beg to differ. Once you break them in, no other sandals will do. I suppose that's how some people feel about Ugg boots (shudder). Plus, the 'Florida' style Birkenstocks pictured look an awful lot like these divine Chloe mary janes below. High-fashion orthopaedic sandals - what a thought! The moral of this post is how badly I need to replace my current pair, and now that I have a new job in a classy library cafe, that replacement is bound to be happening soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Whee, it's summer!

Only one more exam left! It's a drama exam too, so that will be a piece of cake. I am redily embracing the freedom that only graduating high school can give a person.

Leggings are not pants and should not be worn as such. But...if you're going to break the rules, then at least "drop it like it's hot". I present to you: a picture of me/my closet wearing h&m star leggings and keds. Nothing spells out 'summer' better than an outrageous getup. (Note: I have never worn this outside the house yet, but I am seriously contemplating it.)

It was love at first sight, with this Pucci-print one piece bathing suit. I have to make beach-basking plans pronto, so I can show off this lovely find.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not a fan.

I got an awesome hater comment on a very old post. The post had to do with a goth girl coming to school in rainbow clothing (most likely for shock value) and myself being very surprised. Here's the comment.

"i can agree with the whole hot topic thing....cause i can rememeber a time when it was ok..and now its just emo kids with expired prosciptions for zoloft.....butt as far as the goth chick and her little get up of the day......i say you have no right to be all like "OMG i cant belive shes like wearing that" like to see you grow the balls to step out of your little A&F world of crisp clean clothing and jock fucking on prom night and do the thing she did....
little poser or not....she made a statement, if she hadnt you wouldnt be writing this spew up is ment to be out landish and fucked up.....look at James St. James if your not too young to know who he is....anyways thats just my view on it....i could be could just be exercising your 1st amendment ...."

I wouldn't mind pointing out a few things here. I don't shop at Abercrombie and I never have. If you've read ANYTHING on this blog at all, you'll be well aware of my profound appreciation of thrift shops.
-I also did not have sex with a jock on Prom night.
-I am well aware fashion is meant to be outlandish. I'm a pretty crazy dresser myself. Wearing baggy red scrubs and a rainbow-striped shirt is only crazy in the negative sense.
-I actually do know who James St. James is, without having to google him either. He was a NYC club kid who wrote the book Disco Bloodbath. I know this from watching the movie 'Party Monster' (2003).
-I live in Canada. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Though there is plenty of free speech in Canada, it is not called the 'first amendment'.

I beg you, do not live in ignorance, if you are going to post negative comments on my blog, at least READ IT FIRST.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

L.A. Woman

It it just me or does Lori 'Lightning' Maddox,(groupie girlfriend of Jimmy Page, lost her virginity to David Bowie at age 13. Definitely read the link I've provided, it's an interesting/informative short reading) look a hell ot a lot like...

Cory Kennedy? I see the resemblance, do you??? They're both young, wild, famous for nothing and have wicked crazy hair. Young stylish 'rock stars in their own right' always fascinate me, for some reason or another.

I'm really liking the hazy, dreamy photography of Cory's new pictures, taken for a spanish magazine.

Friday, June 15, 2007


The Good: Work it MisShapes, man. Badass t-shirt, fierce hair.

The Bad: Nothing says 'ego problem' like wearing a miniature crown that tops off a heinous outfit. 777, isn't that the number of God that is supposed to rebut Satan's 666? I guess being the Princess wasn't enough, and sets her sights slightly higher. First a KKK hoodie, now a self-proclaimed messiah? Feceshunter is really sucking lately.

The Ugly: My drama teacher comes to school three out of five days wearing a denim muumuu. Homer Simpson demonstrates the phenomena quite accurately. I know Drama teachers are naturally kooky, but denim muumuus are just spooky. There's really no excuse.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is just not right...

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a funny taste in their mouth after looking at this picture. Klansmen couture is definitely the most offensive fashion statement I've seen in a long time. I know irony isn't dead with the hipster set, but I think wearing a massive hood with eye holes is thaking things a bit too far. Don't let racist-chic catch on, I'm begging you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Throat Infection Blues

I have dozens of lovely pictures sitting idle in the 'Inspirations' folder of my computer. Instead of hiding them in the depths of my pc, I think they deserve to see the beautiful light of day.

I love Agyness Deyn and I love the Misshapes. There is not much closer to 'perfect' than Agyness Deyn at Misshapes.

I definitely stole this picture from a girl on Myspace, whose profile I lurk at. Is it just me, or is she hauntingly beautiful.

This is the same girl as above, but wearing a wig. I really like this photocollage and am considering adopting the same hairdo. Not for a while, though.

This is some other Myspace girl. Very Cobra Snake, Aussie-style.

Misshapes again. She makes a bob, a plastic whistle and a turquoise tutu into the maxim of style.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I, Isabel B. S., hereby refuse to sartorially support twisted corporate motives. I will buy fabric and make my own clothes, so I know for sure they were not manufactured in sweatshops. If there is something I cannot make myself, I will make sure it has been ethically manufactured in sustainable fabric OR bought secondhand to prevent clothing from being needlessly sent to a dump. I am doing what I can to create a better world through the medium most important to me:fashion. Uninformed clothes shopping is not my style.
EDIT: I want everybody to know that this isn't ALL I'm doing either, just in case you thought I was lazy and the only way I could change the way was through what I wore. My family already owns a low flush toilet, and energy efficient refrigerator and is saving up to buy a hybrid car. I take the bus to school, only drive when it is necessary and always buy locally grown produce. I volunteer for the Green Party and I'm taking Environmental Studies in University. So in short, making my wardrobe more earth-friendly is pretty much the last step I can take before carbon-footprint virtually disappears off the face of the earth.

Feel free to copy and paste this fashion manifesto on your blog and take the vow. I doubt anyone will, but at least I'm not all talk and no action.

During the summer, I am planning on making myself:
-A skirt/dress/garment of sorts out of fabric scraps from around the house.
-Legions of colourful or printed skinny pants
-Attatching a pair of sunglasses to a chain to make a radical necklace.
-My own "House of Holland" shirtdress (see Hannah Danger for inspiration)

Friday, June 08, 2007


A terrible epidemic has been going on for much too long in the wardrobes of men. It is... the type t-shirt. Why wear a slogan that only proves you're more of an asshole than I already thought you are. I don't care if 'Beer is the only reason why you get up afternoon', if you think 'Homosexuals are gay' or if you can 'Drink Me Pretty'.

Call me a Republican, but I vote NO on 69 shirts.

If you advertise the fact that you never do laundry, you are guaranteed to never get a girlfriend who lasts longer than one night, guaranteed.

Now. Reedeem yourself with a nice graphic t-shirt. It may not always make sense, but it at least it hides an incoherent intelligence level.

Healthy eating is sexy - know your food groups!

I don't know what the hell this shirt is trying to tell me, but it sure looks good in the process.

Okay, perhaps there is an exception to the type t-shirt rule. As a Hebrew school dropout, I would know that staying in Hebrew school is a good idea. The Jewish-man graphic is also adorable!

All t-shirts courtesy of the Urban Outfitters men's t-shirt department.

Pixie Sticks

Agyness Deyn is seriously inching Kate Moss out of my "Ultimate Top Model" slot. When Kate is busy selling out her style to retail emporium Topshop, Agyness is busy keepin' it real. I don't even know how the girl does it. Those earrings! Those necklaces! That haircut! She is class out of control, or perhaps controlled chaos. I love her for it. Keep the magic alive, Little Miss Pixie Stick!

P.S.: Anyone whose name is immortalized on a House of Holland t-shirt deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Now.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I don't know why I am remembering this right now, but I met a girl named Laura when I was in 10th grade and she had the best style ever. She had blonde hair, wide-set almond shaped eyes, a button nose and mouth and perfect skin. Even though she was obviously gorgeous, I wasn't jealous of her looks. It was her clothes I wanted. She wore the most reidiculous things and looked great in them. I remember her wearing a gold bomber jacker with jeans and a band t-shirt and an asymmetrical sheer black skirt over the jeans. On another occasion she wore a black skirt with a rainbow paint-splatter pattern on it. The piece she owned that struck me the most, however, was a purse that looked exactly like the one in this picture. I saw it in a vintage shop on sale for $10 and was compelled to buy it in a tribute to stylish Laura...

Wow, I feel like a stalker for remembering her in such detail. But I can't help it! She was just so damn cool!

Monday, June 04, 2007

"What a night"

Prom wasn't exactly the defining moment of my high school career - but it wasn't too shabby either. Here are some pictures that pretty much define the night I had AND showcase the faaah-bulous dress I was wearing. A very simple 60's shift style that wasn't too heavy, hot or complicated - perfect!

All of my lovely ladies (and a few men). Can you tell which one is me?


My best friend Shelby and I.

My boyfriend Ryan and I!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Prom-ish Time!

Tonight is my prom, everybody! Though I don't have a picture of my dress, I am more than willing share a picture of my necklace and shoes. The dress is a tiny little a-line dress made of champagne lace.

I adore this necklace - the picture totally does not do it justice. In real life it is more 'Subversive Jewelery by Justin Giunta' instead of "Barbie goes to Prom" I bought is for $80 at a Toronto store called fashion crimes.

Metallic rhinestone peeptoes! Bought for $100 AT B2. It was either those or a gorgeous pair of $500 Marc by Marcs. I didn't have that much to spend.

My next post will include lots of pictures from the real event!