Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog of the Day

Yessssss! I'm the best blog of the day!
Blog Awards Winner
Now in celebration, I will post a picture of the best shoes ever. Of course, they are Christian Louboutin. That man taunts me with his perfect understanding of female shoe lust.

...and a picture of Cory Kennedy 'cause I'm a bitch like that. It's actually quite a nice picture. She doesn't look cracked out and messy - she's draped in tulle and pearls for God's sakes! Actually, it kind of reeks of Karl Lagerfeld, but I like the picture anyways.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dang Rip-offs

I can't believe that I just went to Value Village and paid $14 for 2 things. 2 things! However, they were 2 nice things so shouldn't really be complaining.
1. Green low-top Converse. A welcome addition to the happy family of Chuck Taylors living in my closet. Baby makes 6.

2. Gold Alfred Sung fanny-pack. I kind of forget why I bought this. I suppose because I like it, but it's definitely not worth $7 to me.

3. I didn't get the Prada pouch at Value Village, I got it at a local secondhand designer shop. It was only $5, so it might be a fake but I'll just plug my ears with my fingers and scream "LALALALALA" until someone tells me it's real, tells me it's fake or tells me to stop.

Another thing that has recently caught my eye was a dress made entirely of old t-shirts. One of the t-shirts had a wolf on it, which I thought was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's $60 so I'll have to weigh option until I decide whether to buy it or not. It's locally made and one-of-a-kind but $60 is too steep for me right now. Le sigh.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Maddy Sedgwick

Screw Herb Ritts, Irving Penn and Nick Knight. I think that Shelby Seu is the future of fashion&art photography. I am also lucky enough to have her as a best friend, therefore I am surrounded by the pinnacle of talent all the time. Gee, I hope some of it rubs off. Check out these picture from her latest Edie Sedgwick/Factory Girl inspired photoshoot with our friend Maddy as the model for proof. She is amazing!!! With three exclamation marks!!! But really, aren't these pretty much the hippest photographs you've seen in a long time? I dare you to show me hipper.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Helmut Lang Resort

This dress is an absolute standout from the Helmut Lang '08 resort collection. A dress with pockets, ingenious! I can't understand why the model looks so moody when she is wearing a Helmut Lang dress with friggin' pockets! I like how obvious the pockets are, because they hang slightly below the hem of the rest of the dress. That gives it character. You don't even need to wear a purse with this dress because the pockets are so huge (though you probably would, because you;re stylish like that)! Are pockets on a dress a legitimate thing to freak out over? Never mind, it's impossible to control myself anyways.

P.S.: Where the heck is everyone? No one comments on here anymore! It's like Planet of the Apes and I'm the only human, er, blog that's left on earth. It's lonely... Won't somebody keep me company?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Claudia Wore/showyourbones

Susie Bubble in action. Now just imagine it's neon.
Thank you Dilemma, for introducing me to my new bloglove. What Claudia Wore chronicles the daring outfits of Claudia Kishi of, yes, the Baby-Sitters Club. I completely forgot about that series and how outrageously stylish Claudia was. Come to think of it, Claudia is definitely the 1980s precursor to all notable crazy Asian style. The street style magazine FRUITS, Harajuku Girls, even Susie Bubble… Yes my friends, it all started with the weird and wonderful escapades of Claudia Kishi. Thanks a billion to Kim for transcribing it all. Here is an excerpt.

"Claudia...just has the world's oddest way of looking at life. To her, the most ordinary thing is an object of art. For instance, at that Labor Day meeting she was wearing a bracelet of dyed, braided shoelaces, along with a blousy ruffled shirt that looked as if it once belonged to Captain Hook; mismatched high-top Converse sneakers; and baggy, pinstriped men's suit pants, gathered at the waist with a bungee cord. On me, something like that would look like a Halloween costume. On Claudia it looked way cool."

But Claudia Kishi isn't the only stylish gal I felt like talking about today. showyourbones has a nice, if a little brief, MyStyleDiary which I feel like discussing. I adore the colour of the top, and the gold quilted purse is dead on. The pencil skirt pulls the whole outfit together and makes the outrageous classy, along with the dark sunglasses and black tights. I want this outfit!

This outfit isn't quite as much fun, but it looks at home in the teenage lion's den of a bedroom. This kind of proves that so long as your shirt covers your butt, you are skinny and really cool, there are worse thing out there than wearing leggings as pants. Honest..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

MyStyleDiary: Caitlinnn

I have chosen Caitlinnn as today's honourable MyStyleDiary spotlight. Her style is so much fun. I just want to go into a techno-dance frenzy after looking at her clothes!

This outfit is cool, because it mixes '80s nostalgia with modern sensibility. My distinct favourite article of clothing from the outfit is the green skirt. It makes the outfit "pop" (a term so endeared by many makeup artists) and makes me fonder of neon by the minute. I'm not sure if the asymmetrical skirt/shirt combo is intentional, but it sure looks cool.

This is grunge Alice-in-Wonderland incarnate. It's like she fell into the rabbit hole after a Bikini Kill concert, which sounds like a riot in my opinion. This look is my definite favourite, as I can very much see myself wearing it.

The pockets on the tunic are fantastic! The jean shorts (at first I thought they were leggings) and purse are both a bit off, but the tunic and crazy necklaces are just a lot of fun. I just really want to party with this girl. Or at least someone else wearing her clothes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gym Shorts McGee

Would you believe it possible if I told you that a pair of gross white gym shorts could be turned into something fashionable? I don't think I quite succeeded, but at least I went down fighting. Here are the results of my epic battle...

I'm actually wearing 3 necklaces here; pearls, a peace sign and a gold heart. The KMFDM shirt I bought off a druggie friend for $5. Thrifted croc purse.

Crochet top: Express. Striped tank: Esprit. Heels: BCBG Max Azria.

Victorian style top: Winners. Navy vest: thrifted.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Mall Saga

I desperately needed black pants for work so out of desperate desperation, I went to the mall. I popped into Winners first. This pair of blingin' Vans (or "Punkyrose" if you actually read the label) had been there forever. I nearly passed them by, but I noticed they were on uber-sale for $13 so I picked them up.

You see, I've kind of admired Vans ever since I saw this random Myspace pic. I figured it's best to work a cheap pair into my style before I splurge $50 on a pair.

I found a pair of black skinny pants at Le Chateau that was originally $90, reduced to $30. That alone made me happy, but I tried them on and they actually fit. And, they came with a pair of skinny suspenders! (Detour to the Body Shop: bought a concealer pencil). Old Navy was next. I found another pair of black skinny pants that fit perfectly, so I bought those and ended up taking a nice brown sweater too. Here is a picture, though it is fairly indistinguishable because it's brown colour mixes so well with the navy of my Armani shirt.

I went to Chapters to read for a bit and discovered i-D magazine. Of course everyone in the fashion world knows about i-D, but I had only fleetingly browsed through it before instead of soaking up it's true ambience. I realized it featured everything I adore in it's Jeremy Scott/Devon Aoki issue.
1. Crazy fashion pics from Coachella Festival
2. Hollie Cook, the daughter of the Sex Pistols' Paul Cook
4. Creep Marilyn Manson talking about his creepy relationship with Evan Rachel Wood
5. 'Zines
6. Gareth Pugh

Yep, that's all.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


As I have stated fervently before, I don't like childish dressing. Hello Kitty and hearts don't really do anything for me fashion-wise. But I have been really attracted to this My Style Diary user lately. I could never dress like a 14-yr. old Dutch girl, but I respect the neon panache in which "groenedag" dresses herself.

Hanging around in front of a graffitied wall looks much more fun when you're wearing bright pink pants. I can see myself in the shirt, vest and converse but not the pants - and I am rather jealous because of it.

I never thought it possible for someone to look good in a tunic and leggings. Can it be? The youthful rainbow and peep-toe flats make this outfit, surprisingly, nice.

I do like these pants, but when worn with a pink plaid babydoll? The effect is strange, but I really am a fan of this stylediary girl.

All of that "fun" dressing almost makes me want to buy this delicious pouch from Fred Flare. (Almost. Not quite.) Is there anyone who cannot appreciate a good slice of cake? I think not...

Foiled Again...

I can't stand it when a perfectly good thing is ruined. Take this shirt for example. Diagonal stripes, very interesting. Unfortunately it is being worn by a terrible looking wannabe neo-hipster. There shouldn't even be such thing as a neo-hipster but here is living proof. Squeaky clean white shoes and gold chains to prove it. I think he wants to be a hipster but is just too much of a geek, in the un-hip way. He butchered that innocent shirt. Good job, Sweeney Todd... (Grrr.)

In a similar note on offensive t-shirts... Does this bother anyone else? He looks like a total slimeball to begin with, and then there's that shirt, which completely proves my hypothesis correct. I can’t discern whether it’s the obscured Virgin Record logo, the fact it says ‘Vagina’ or a combination of the two that gets to me. Or perhaps it’s the man wearing the t-shirt that makes it so repulsive? After all, he is implying that vaginas are corporate object. Either way, I wouldn’t let anyone wearing this shirt NEAR my vagina.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh No!

I'm having a mad blogging dilemma. Why is my sidebar at the bottom of the page?? It looks so unprofessional and, well, noob-ish. Can anyone throw some html at me so I can attempt to fix the sidebar? It's breaking up the flow of the website.

A note on anti-consumerism: I just finished reading...
1. Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping by Judith Levine. The title pretty much explains the book. It's just an interesting look at what it is like to not partake in American Consumer Culture for one year.
2. Evasion by anonymous. It was a totally badass pro-trainhopping/dumpster-diving/shoplifting memoir from a straight-edge vegan perspective. That covers pretty much everything I admire in the world. I love this book to pieces, and you can download it in pdf format here.

Does anyone reading this like Uffie? She really confuses me. Her music is catchy but the lyrics are vomitous. I can't decide whether I should hate it's cheese factor or just file it under "guilty pleasures"...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Thrift Mania!!!

I've been broke for a long time and was so happy I've accumulated enough to indulge in my favourite pastime: thrift hunting.

1. Mock-croc handbag. It looks a bit like a briefcase/laptop case hybrid...But that just means it looks even classier, right?
2. David Bowie tape, which keeps me from going insane at work.
3. Gap jeans. They fit nicely, despite the lame flare leg (which can always be fixed).
4.Green-blue cords. It is so much more gratifying to find cheap boyfriend-style cords instead of dropping $85 on a skinny pair from American Apparel.

6.Armani Jeans shirt. Not the prettiest shirt I've ever found, but it's Armani. There's no way I'm complaining.
7. 'Make Your Mark' shirt. It's much less obnoxious than a House of Holland shirt and a million times more meaningful. I can look awesome and poignant at the same time!
8. Plain white tee. I really hate that band, but the shirt is great.

The crown jewel of the entire thrift hunt was...

9. Wizard of Oz t-shirt. I've been looking for a shirt in this shade of purple forever, and it doesn't hurt that the Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite movies all time. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't capture to vibrant colour of the text very well. Hipster-iffic!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Life List

Last summer I had no clue what I wanted out of life, so I stumbled upon a list I made to clear things up. Looking back on it, it's poignant, honest and I'm almost proud of it. I'll divide the list into 2.

Things I wanted and achieved:
-A quilted handbag
-Classic Gap jeans
-To win more contests
-To at least advance to the Reach Provincials and kick some trivia ass
-Research Universities
-To increase the readership of my blog...Tell your friends!

Things I Still Want:
-Christian Louboutin heels
-My next paycheque
-Perfect hair
-To read Conspicuous Consumption by Thorstein Veblen.
-More ELLEgirl
-To retain more of my "Word of the Day" e-mails
-For shoes to stop hurting my feet.
-To find less kinship in Trent Reznor's lyric on the Downward Spiral album
-More ska on my iFraud
-A more accomodating closet
-For Atlas Shrugged to have been as good as The Fountainhead.
-To take the step from vegetarian to vegan
-To have a tea party with Elsa Schiaparelli, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Patti Smith, Kate Bush and Kurt Cobain.
-Writing Skills
-More letters, less e-mail
-The Clash should still be making music
-To breathe life into romanticism
-A Le Tigre feminist dance party in my back yard
-That Beck wasn't a scientologist
-To finish writing my 'zine
-World Peace

Friday, July 06, 2007

Erin Fetherston for Target

The new Erin Fetherston for Target collection is like everything that was bad about being a ten year old square in the sixties. Peter pan collars can be cute on their own but not when paired with ruffles for God’s sakes.

HEART LEGGINGS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For people who are already jailbait, wearing this line is treacherous. The cops will probably arrest your boyfriend, even if he is the same age.

However, there are some standout pieces. This tuxedo-like dress is pretty fabulous.

Only very thin people should attempt wearing this voluminous but gorgeous coat, because it may create unwanted saddlebags. But for those who can pull it off, caps off.

Bob Dylan Blues

I went to see Bob Dylan at the Ottawa Bluesfest last night. The weather was chilly and overcast, so any plans of wearing my gray sack dress with Birkenstocks was dampered. I chose to wear my Queens University sweater with skinny jeans and navy Keds. It's a simple, boring outfit and I felt really inadequate compared to the relatively well-dressed crowd under age 60. I think university sweaters are sprinkled with magic dust that makes the wearer feel like absolute crap. Don't blame the poor souls who end up pair the sweater with track pants and Uggs. It's not their failing judgement, it's actually the sweater's fault. There were only about three people, all men, whose outfits were worth taking a picture of but I didn't have a camera with me. The actual concert was kind of crappy and I lost a lot of respect for Bob Dylan. His voice, although cool, sounds like Scooby-Doo and a chewed-up cob of corn. Plus, he turned all of his classic acoustic tracks into jazz/blues standards which was really underwhelming. That concert gave me the Subterranean Homesick Blues (my favourite song by him, which he did not play). At least I had a good time with my best friend eating free cereal samples and insulting the geriatrics dancing promiscuously.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Street Style...

Sometimes I feel like Hipster Musings is just a washed up street style blog that steals pictures from other websites and posts them with stark raving captions underneath. However, the formula seems to work relatively well for me and the popularity of this site, so…why would I deviate?

I stole this picture from Hel-Looks, which is the best street style website on the face of the internet. I want to move to Finland, because this site makes it seem like the entire city of Helsinki is a runway. I don't even like track jackets, but his hair is more than fabulous enough to compensate. Plus, he is wearing a CSS shirt which I hear is a good electro band. I've never heard their stuff before but I am a fan of electro. I'm going to download some stuff from SonicX (download directory site)right now...

This picture was ripped from Hooks 'n' Pegs. This guy's style couldn't be farther away from Hel-boy's, but it is equally awesome. I love how simply great a person can look, even when they're only wearing a slouchy cream cardigan and white striped shirt. Oh, and did I even have to mention how great his hair is?

Don't tell the Minneapoline that I "borrowed" this picture. Crochet berets seem to catch my fancy. They're just so cute and artsy. I'm not gonna lie, this girl's flood pants are really unflattering but she manages to look like a style pro anyways. I'm guessing it's the yellow shrug and the red hair.

(What is it with red hair??)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another American Apparel Wishlist

This grandpa vest manages to be cozy and sleek at the same time. Perhaps I only think it's sleek because of AA's usual semi-pornographic photography, but I'm there's more to it than that. I want it. I always feel like a million bucks wearing American Apparel, and would perhaps be worth just as much wearing this lovely vest.

From '80s prom dresses to this t-shirt, I have always had a love affair with sweetheart necklines. I've never seen anything like this t-shirt before and it looks like a much more comfortable option than wearing a black tube top over a normal white shirt. That doesn't exactly sound classy or comfortable. This shirt is.

I only have one pair of black pants and wouldn't mind owning another. These cords seem like an appropriate option, until I consider the fact that: A) They're $85. and B)I don't fit into AA pants. They're too baggy and long. Which doesn't make sense, because they're cut slim. I suppose I just have a defective body.

Gahh, all of these pieces are so wonderful. Like a chicken with it's head cut off, I'm a maniac for them all.

Gosh golly darn, he's done it again. My favourite Etsy seller, Cubist Literature, has DIYed a tennis skirt to perfection. I swear this man is genius. Proclaim it to the streets! Honestly, who else could've dreamed up kitschy neckwarmers and called them 'girl germ protectors'. I love it.