Monday, October 29, 2007

Too cute to keep a secret.

This photograph could melt the heart of even the most astute Belgian minimalist. Within ten minutes they'd likely be extolling the virtues of bunnies and gumdrops. I would place bets on it.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thoughts for the Day

I think that I really want a babydoll dress, and will start hunting for one like this in secondhand shops.

I think this picture demonstrates wonderfully the commodification (and hence, suckification) of Chanel.

I think I have way too many shoes (30 pairs). I may not be Imelda Marcos, but I certainly don't need anymore shoes. I am instituting a "shoe ban" on myself so that I cannot buy another pair of shoes until I break/ruin a pair I already own.

I think that my hair is getting too long. I keep having people tell me I look like Winona Ryder/Audrey Hepburn/Natalie Portman. It's almost as if the Universe is whispering "Get a pixie cut, you tool".

By the way, this picture is a morph of Winona an Audrey, in case you had a hard time telling the difference.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vintage Izod/Lacoste

I had a crazy Lacoste thrift day on Friday, finding a red cardigan and white v-neck sweater. To be more accurate, I found the red cardigan for $2 at St. Vincent de Paul and my boyfriend bought the white v-neck sweater a while back at Value Village but was trying to sell it via commission a got it back today. Currently, he has custody of the cardigan and I have custody of the v-neck, but they are our precious children and need to be rotated between us both.

Here I am modelling, them both. They are both a massive mens size medium, so please ignore the massive amounts of fabric swallowing my frame.

Splatter Paint

When I saw this picture on the Minneapoline, the first thought that ran through my head was "Wow, I have to wear an outfit similar to that in Theatre Set Painting class every day"...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oregon girl, I've been around the world.

There’s a lot to be said for cleaning out your school’s costume/props room. First of all, it’s filthy. There are clothes strewn all over floor and stuffed into every nook and cranny. The air is musty and most likely filled with poisonous mold spores. Half the clothes are ripped and dirty and either need to be thrown in the garbage or mended/dry cleaned. A few dresses are even wet, which is disturbing because there is no water in sight. You find bad ‘80s prom dresses, yellow pants with pineapples on them and ratty fur coats. Then you find this shirt, and promptly steal it.

But there's more! A vintage 100% cashmere cardigan which has a few moth holes in it but can be easily salvaged and an Aquatascum trenchcoat.

Oh yes, this was quite obviously me. And I quite obviously pinched the sailor t-shirt and cashmere sweater, but the Aquatascum trenchcoat was way to big for me so I left it where it was for some other fashionable person to find. I'm so happy that I'm not even going to complain about mold spore inhalation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MyStyleDiary: Shesfixedherhair

I really seem to be having a beret moment. Phase might be a better word for it, seeing as my last three blog posts (including this one) have mentioned berets in one context or another. I found pretty sweet pictures on the MyStyleDiary of shesfixedherhair and well, I think you know where this is going...

Yes, she has paired a very classy black beret with a black outfit whith white raybans and brown heeled oxfords. I find this very tastefully done. Brown tends to look out of place in solid-black outfits, but it really adds a certain je ne sais quois to this look.

There's no beret here, but that doesn't mean it isn't an awesome outfit. Scarves can come off looking contrived because they have gained so much popularity as of late, but it really looks anything but here. The baggy tunic, black skinnies (or are they leggings?)and the same brown shoes look messy fabulous.

Homemade shirts kick ass and so do the Klaxons. Even if they are so-called "kunts".

shesfixedherhair certainly has herself a great MyStyleDiary account.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its me! Wearing clothes. As usual.

Two posts in one day, oh my! Tommorrow is a party/book fair celebrating Trafalgar Day at my work. I work at the Archives and Collections Society, doing historical reasearch on local topics. Yeah, I'm a geek. Since we're supposed to dress up a little, it's a party after all, I'm going to wear my new beret, a massive bow tie, white shirt, skinny black pants and platform heels.

On a less traditional note, I have yet to step out of public in my American Apparel gold skirt. It makes everything look to contrived. Worse yet, I would feel like I'm at a disco in a sea full of smelly teenagers wearing sweatpants if I ever wear it to school. Do you think this outfit incorporating the skirt is alright? The black sweater is Gap, but I trhifted it a Value Village, obviously the skirt is AA, the star leggings are H&M and the leopard flats are Rocket Dog.

Too many patterns, or is mix-and-match the way to go?

It happened in Kingston...

It was a stroke of luck. I wanted a knit beret and that was exactly what I got. At Old Navy for $15, to be exact. I wanted to find a grey beret but all that was left was this shade of cafe au lait, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I always wear grey so its nice to expand my "shades of neutral" wardrobe a little.While I was in Old Navy I also snagged this ruffly shirt in the clearance section for $4. I tried on a pair of red skinny jeans too, but they fit horribly (since when is a size 0 baggy???).

I affectionately call it my "Pat hat" after a dear friend Patrick Power, a classical guitar prodigy who was never seen without his grey Newfie grandpa hat. He moved, which makes me sad but he is well remembered with my new beret!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knitted Berets?

I have a long and unpleasant history with hats. I remember having a Gap visor in Grade 6 and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. In reality, I was too geeky to wear anything that even suggested I was into sports. Unfortunately, there aren't any embarrassing yet hilarious stories I can tell about hats. Unless I mention that they are always too big for my head, but that is neither embarrassing or hilarious. I am starting to ramble, so the point I am trying to get across goes something like this: I quite the this picture of a Stylemob girl wearing a knitted beret, and even though I don't like hats or look good in them I am willing to reconsider my position based on the sheer cute factor of this photo.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I bought more stuff.

I am a bad bad girl. One day after getting my paycheque, I blew more than I should have on stuff. I seriously couldn't resist this tokidoki for LeSportsac fannypack for $60 at Winners. $60! It's normal price is somewhere around $110. I quite enjoy it, though I'll probably never use it. However, I'm going to New York City in the spring and I figured I could use it as a non-touristy money carrier.

My boyfriend said "It kind of reminds me of DevinDESTRUCTION, Isabel, but I suppose you pull it off".

Here is how it looks when actually being worn. Please excuse the boring outfit.

I also spent $20 on this shirt at Winners as well. It was on the clearance rack and it fit so well...

Today was quite a moment of weakness. I'm such a filthy labelwhore. I should probably stop surfing Stylemob - that website is feeding my clothes addiction something fierce.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recent Thrift Haul

I had a pretty sweet thrift haul on Friday. I only got three things, but they were quality items.

1. royal blue Kente Public School t-shirt: This is not just some public school t-shirt I am wearing for irony's sake. I actually spent my entire bloody elementary school career there. It was awful, so I have no idea why I am commemorating this terrible school with a thrifted t-shirt. Brand me crazy...
2. D.A.R.E drug resistance t-shirt: Any indie kid worth their salt owns a D.A.R.E shirt. Now I do too.

3. I paid $3 for this vintage dress. It was obviously made for 1960s preppy conservative kids, but I am pretty much a master of taking clothing out of context. In a way, it also reminds me of a toned-down Harajuku girl, or even a grunge princess. Who cares what its supposed to be. Its really all what you do with it. My version involves legwarmers and converse...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wardrobe Remix: Neutrals

I have amassed a ridiculous amount of Wardrobe Remix photos on my computer in the last few weeks. This installment of them focuses on neutral shades. The weather has officially gotten c-o-l-d in Canada. No more frolicking in flip-flops and t-shirts anymore. (Like I did that anyway... I hate flip-flops. Unfortunately, some guys with "surfer dude" style haven't given up on them yet. You live in a notoriously frigid country, dumbass. California is that way *points South*.)Anyhow, wearing bright colours in such crisp weather seems offensive so here are pictures of lovely neutral outfits for your (and mine) enjoyment.

I love this outfit from 2-5-0-3-0-1 (weird username, I know. It's pretty much how I like to dress, except I don't have a jacket that beautiful and I can't pull off legwarmers.

Wearing heavy boots and a babydoll dress like comicstriptease here is the sure way to win your place into my Courtney Love-worshipping heart. Grunge rules. I would love to wear that lovely coat/plaid dress on the mannequin beside her.

I suppose its strange that I find this detail shot of moonmonster's outfit profound. But I really do. These are the most philosophical polkadots I have ever seen.

Please mention if I have posted this picture of piksi before, but it was quite irresistable. Everything about this user's outfits, even her username, is just cute incarnate.

I suppose the mustard cardigan that sallyjanevintage is sporting, diqualifies it from being completely neutral. But I digress, the lace slip paired with the black boots is absolutely undeniably gorgeous.

Is it just me, or does everyone who owns a vintage store on eBay a member of the Wardrobe Remix community? They are all so wickedly stylish!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Face Hunter Dude

This guy is really hot. If everyone looked/dressed like him, there would be no singles left in this world. I'm not even sure what else to say. Suspenders, skinny black pants, sunglasses, drool...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wardrobe Remix: boboniaa

As promised, a post on the fabulous boboniaa of Wardrobe Remix. To say this girl has style is a gross understatement. I am considering nominating her for the "Hipster Musings Girl with the best style out of any era/country EVER". That means I think her style is on par with Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen, who are my style idols. Behold...

She wears bright colours but never looks tacky. I have never been so impressed. If she published a street style book of all her outfits, it would be a bestseller.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cool Shot

The other day, I was whining to my boyfriend about how everyone looks so awesome on street style websites, and how pictures of my outfits end up looking lame because they're taken in the mirror, in my uncharismatic room. Being a Photojournalism student, he offered to take pictures of me in a cool setting wearing cool stuff. Ironically, I ended up wearing his clothing instead of mine. A lovely way to capture my 'personal' style, isn't it?

T-shirt: Boyfriend's, thrifted.
Pants: Le Chateau
Suspenders: They came with the pants.

Purple + Red

Purple and red is the one colour combination I just cannot stand. I used to despise brown and black, but I have been softening up to that one lately and I actually quite enjoy navy and black together. This Face Hunter picture is proof that you can be wearing a Jeremy Scott (best designer ever!) dress and still look like you got dressed in the dark.

But on the other hand, I seem to have no qualms with this purple/orange combo, which is saying something because I really can't stand orange. This girl's style is adorable. She's my favourite user on Wardrobe Remix and will do a post chronicling her epic outfits soon.
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fun With Suspender Shorts

I payed way more for my American Apparel suspender shorts than I usually would on a piece of clothing ($50), but they were more than worth it. I felt like a little sailor girl, them my mom said I looked like a mime. Regardless of what profession this outfit relates to, it was awesome and I got at least five random compliments on how cute I looked. Tres belle, non?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More on Paris Fashion Week S/S 08

Balenciaga always dictates what sort of footwear will be splashed across magazine editorials for the next 6 months. I wasn't a fan of the 10 inch platform hooker boots or of the goalie mask stilettos. But these wild lace-up boots have me wanting more. I must say, I'm intrigued.

Is it just me or is Maison Martin Margiela finding a little too much inspiration in semi-porn American Apparel ads?

I'm not familiar with A.F. Vandervorst at all, but is broadening my fashion horizons. I really love this getup, especially the boob details. I would definitely wear this, but only if I was craving attention.

Gaultier is never wearable. I like the militaristic statement he's trying to get across, but camoflauge is just not my cup of tea. Or anyone elses who wants to look good. Okay, that was a bit harsh. I just don't like camoflauge.

An ode to Westwood

I could pout it in a poem or a song, but I find it most effective to just use plain English: I love Vivienne Westwood. Her S/S 08 may look frenzied, but it is calculated madness, organized chaos. She is taking the piss out of global civilization ever so cheekily.

Here she is insulting typical 9-5 office jobs by making the outfit as dishevelled and harried as the typical office worker usually is.

This outfit is harder to discern, but I'm pretty sure she's insulting hipsters here. The sunglasses? The 'vintage' tee? The 'American Apparel' tube socks? All signs point to yes.

Obviously insulting global militarist politics through the text on the dress and the army cap.

Finally, taking the piss out of glamour in a really sexy way.

That wasn't much of an ode, perhaps I should use a poem. I'll copy Daddy likey and use a high-fashion haiku.

Vivienne Westwood
Sid and Nancy are dead but
not inspiration.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Face Huntin'

Browsing through Face Hunter, this picture really caught my attention. It looks like a cheap hooker saw that Bettie Page movie and became disillusioned with her career, so she swathed herself in cheap satin and even cheaper red lipstick while trying to go for the "retro-glam", just like her idol Bettie. The classy act is not fooling me one bit. I know what she does for money at night time. The eybrows were the dead giveaway.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think this Face Hunted girl looks great. I'm not even going to say anything negative about her Agyness-copycat hair. Even if it is one Burberry show too late. I love the mixed patterns and the overall carefree sprite mood. Expertly done.

As always, Face Hunter is good for a chuckle and a grin.