Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Girl With Great Style Alert!

I do not feel obligated to write about every stylish girl I see on the internet. But every time someone's style makes me do a double take, I know they deserve to be discussed. I'm sure all wardrobe remixers reading this are well aware of the presence of nemrešpobjećodnedjelje. All I can say is that it's people like her that makes me wish every piece in my closet was as eccentric as hers. Did I mention she thrifts nearly everything she wears? Amazing!

The knit coat looks incredibly cozy and the massive colourful scarf really reminds me of Giles Deacon's mile-long knits. Oh, and check out the sunglasses in the buttonhole. So cute!

My favourite part of this outfit is obviously the polka-dot tights. And that fanny-pack. Is it even a fanny-pack? It looks far too classy to be using such an offensive colloquialism.

I like the retro Mickey Mous/acid wash shirt, but I LOVE the purple tights. LOVE!

Very classy and simple, but not at all boring. The high waisted skirt brings it all together.

On the other hand, this look is quite messy (maybe just the hair?), but she absolutely pulls it off. Perhaps it's just because She reminds me of Courtney Love in this picture? I should really shut up about Courtney Love. Either way, I like the pink shirt.

Three cheers for unpronounceable names!


WendyB said...

Cute! And that dog really likes to get in on the action.

buttonsandstars said...

Shes amazing!

the iron chic said...

I like the Whateves dresses too-they just weren't good enough to be Winners. That Kim Basinger dress is getting awesomer by the minute!

Stephanie said...

I love her style, she's fantastic! One of the only reasons I go to wardrobe_remix anymore..