Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm So Tired by the Beatles

School has got me running quite ragged now, with numerous performances of 'My Fair Lady' this week and exams next week. It's enough to make a girl fall asleep in class and forget to blog. I just want to cozy up in one of these sweaters from American Apparel so I can feel exceptionally comfortable while remaining reasonably fashionable.

I'm still not tired enough to reverse my anti-Ugg postion, though.

P.S. -I'll try and post pictures of costumes being featured in the show!


Heather said...

Oh, my congratulations on that show! I'm a big fan of Flex Fleece, it's pretty much like wearing a big blanket everywhere you go.

Jello on Springs said...

I love the bi-color one and I too am anti-Uggs no matter how cold it is or how comfortable I want to be. There are way more stylish and equally comfortable boots out there.

Annie said...

i have the yellow <3
its my favourite.
you should get one.

yoncto said...

ooh! i own the hoodie in pale blue and maroon
it's comfortable!
haha my fair lady... sounds fun, my musical obsessed bff would go CRAZY lol