Friday, January 18, 2008

Musicals are cheesy. So are sweaters.

My Fair Lady is getting rave reviews - thank you for all the "break a legs" and sweet comments on my costume! It is all so much fun!

Cheesy sweaters are almost as fun as acting. I totally admire everyone who can pull off a cheesy sweater without looking dumb. If you think only frumps wear kitten sweaters, then you should check this out. Scarves, kittens and Converse are a match made in Wardrobe Remix heaven.

This Wardrobe Remix outfit may not include a cheesy sweater, but it is awesome nonetheless. The clashing stripes and button leg warmers are a combination to be marveled at... The style! The wonder!


Heather said...

I want the button leg warmers! Vintage little kids' sweatshirts and hand-screenprinted ones from Etsy are kind of like crack to me.

whimsical nerd said...

I love a cheesy sweater done right. I think my objections come in when the sweater in question is of the craft show puffy paint variety, in which case they are usually sweatshirts with animal appliques.

Maddy said...

I posted about a pair of button legwarmers awhile back... glad to see I am not alone in liking them!