Thursday, February 28, 2008

Outfit borne of necessity.

I think that the outfits you have to wear are often more fun than the outfits you choose to wear, because you get to bend rules. You see, I have a Reach game today and I have to wear school colours (green and gold) and this 'CSS REACH' t-shirt.

I never wear this shirt unless we have a game because its not particularly attractive and the colour sucks. Sucky but necessary - so I layered a grey cardigan overtop and wore green leggings for school spirit.

It's definitely not the best outfit ever, but pretty good considering it was a necessity.


Natasha said...

well played, you made the school tee look quite chic. I love that sweater.

the iron chic said...

That shirt's not so bad.
My elementary school colors were mustard and maroon. We looked like McDonald's employees.

N/OutofFashion said...


I like the shirt though!

Tru said...